Local ethical and sustainable underwear brands to check out in South Africa

This year, I bought my first #fancy granny panty and whether you call it a bloomer or pantaloon – I’ve fully integrated to the big cotton undies club. The rebrand is HERE. I’ve also thrown out about 50% of my padded bras, in favour of sports bras and bralettes. As a result, I’ve been scouring the internet to find underwear and I found some cool companies to support. But where do you get bralettes in Cape Town (and South Africa?)

A heads-up: these items are made in South Africa by local seamstresses and that is reflected in the pricing. This includes ethical working conditions, sustainable production processes and a reduced carbon footprint. You’re not buying from a global clothing company but supporting a small business.

Anyways, check it out!

Luna Intimates

A Cape Town-based brand, Luna Intimates is the brainchild of Mianca Teifel and offers a variety of bralettes, underwear and loungewear sets. According to the official site, Luna Intimates ethos is about making every woman feel confident and beautiful in her own unique way. 

I’ll start off by saying that I have always loved the moon. That is how the business received its name. Luna is the latin name for moon and in ancient Roman myth, Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon and she is often presented as a goddess who is the female complement of the Sun

Mianca Teifel, founder of Luna Intimates 

Sizing ranges from small to medium in terms of band size, and small to large for cup size.  I’ve bought from the brand before (not #spon) and appreciated the efficient customer service, even when I had an enquiry.  Your purchase is gift wrapped, with a handwritten note and a unique polaroid. Nationwide shipping available and if you have any queries, email info@lunaintimates.com

Nette Rose 

Founded in 2015 and based in Cape Town, Nette Rose is an ethical lifestyle intimate brand. There’s a selection of beautiful bralettes, lacy thongs and knickers along with some loungewear. The collections are limited, fabric isn’t wasted and it’s clear that the company is transparent about the garment production process. 

I knew Nette Rose was first and foremost going to always be designed for the babes who know and are learning the power of dressing for themselves.
Hence our mantra was born.
She is a wild one. With a gentle soul.
Who sways to her own rhythm and dresses for herself.

Nette Rose 

Sizing ranges from small (32A to C) to large (36C to D) but considering that I haven’t bought anything, I can’t confirm fit. Purchases come gift wrapped and without tags. Worldwide shipping is available. For more information, check out the online shop or pop them a mail on hello@netterose.com.


The inspiration behind the aforementioned granny panty tweet, Takkleberry is another Cape Town brand I’ve recently discovered thanks to Instagram.  I browsed the online store and there’s a small collection of intimates, from boylegs to bralettes.  Sizing is in the standard small, medium and large but you can contact them if you have any concerns. Check out the sizing guide for more info before you purchase. 

I’m definitely going to buy one of their pantaloons as a present to myself. Packages are sent in a handmade panty bag with a personalised card and nationwide shipping is available.  For more information, email hello@takkleberry.co.za or follow their social media. 

We love creating pieces that tell a story; that make you feel good; that make the people who made them happy and proud; and that don’t negatively impact the environment.

Takkleberry Panty Studio

If you have any other favourites, please share it with me? I might have missed out on a few!

I hope this was helpful and thanks for reading. 
x A

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