Just a small idea

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through 2017, sometimes it still feels like I was trying to survive last year.

Earlier this year I had decided to put my donation drive on pause, it had been happening since January 2015 and I figured I could find new ways to give back. The thing is, I loved organising them but needed a new concept. I flippantly said I’d do a pad drive because it had been on my mind for a minute now but I kept putting it off.

Anyways in the midst of my mid-year slump and personal issues, I decided now was the time to do this.

So I made a flyer, set up a separate bank account and started sharing my content on social media.

Now I had to deliver. In a few hours, someone had already donated cash to the cause, I was shooken.

giphy (8)

And then more money came in, people dropped off pads at my work and I couldn’t believe that people supported a thought of mine.

I think we often get fed this idea that if you’re not doing things on some grand scale, it doesn’t matter. Like if you’re not winning awards, getting features or being a “someone”, you’re not important.

Some of the best things start off being a small idea and grow into something more. You don’t always have to slay to matter, hey?

I’m turning 26 this year and one thing I love is celebrating my birthday. It just signifies the end of an old chapter of my life and that fact that I’m still alive, man. Sounds cheesy but I honestly don’t give a shit. I’ve lost enough friends who didn’t see their 21st birthday to never take time for granted.

This time, I figured I’d enter my 26th year on the best note possible. Surrounded by friends, treating myself exceptionally well and making my small ideas count. I’m making my way out of the hole I was in for the most of late 2016/early 2017 and it shows.


Thank you to every single person who supported my cause. The people who encouraged me to continue, supported with coins or other resources.

I’m already planning the next one.

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