Bargain huntin’

There’s something about a good buy, hey? I love scoring a deal, it doesn’t matter what it is to be honest.

I’ve never had a lot of cash to spend on clothes or shopping, so scouting for cheaper finds has become a huge part of my life. I was always reluctant to spend my own money and it’s a habit I’m somewhat proud of.


“So how do you find this shit?” – is something I get asked often enough. So I’ll impart my knowledge to the best of my ability in this ol’ blogpost.

May the retail gods rain upon you.

Sign up to newsletters
It may seem like a hassle but a lot of work goes into those newsletters. Most importantly, they have all the deets on specials coming up. If you want to stay informed, but not bombarded by spam, select the places you really enjoy shopping at to appear in your inbox. Whether you love books, make-up or household items, you’ll get the latest on the cool sales. This is how I scored a bra and pentie for R70!


If you’re looking to get the most out of your cash – go thrifting. I follow a few collectives on Facebook, visit hospice shops and hang out on second hand pages. Thrifting requires patience, though. You’ll be spending time sifting through a lot of items, so it’s good to come with an idea of what you want. But, you’ll definitely find some really cool items from books to knick-knacks and clothes.


Be active on social media
Announcements via social media platforms are the easiest way to keep up with sales you need to know about. I’ve followed a couple of markets, online shops and other small scale businesses to stay informed.


Make a list of the things you want 
For someone who shops regularly, I don’t enjoy going into a mall. So if I do go into shops, I have a list about what I’m going to get and try not to deviate from that. Bring along someone who can be a voice of reason if you’re indecisive.


Host a clothes swap with your friends 
Another gal’s sequins is another hot outfit to me. Hosting a clothes swap with your friends is a surefire way to score some goodies. It eliminates the struggle of finding your fit, because you can invite friends who are around the same size as you. Also it’s just a reason to dress up, feel good about yourself, see friends and maybe have some champers?



Let me know what you think!
















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