Where to volunteer at in Cape Town

It's the festive season. I don't enjoy this time of year and I'm not alone. It can be a tough time for a lot of folks whether you're estranged from family, coping with financial struggles or dealt with major life changes throughout this year. But I've found that giving back or contributing to other community... Continue Reading →

Where to get curated ear piercings in Cape Town

You've probably heard about #curatedears or ear curation before. The internet's been talking about about "constellation piercings" for a hot minute now. Do your Googles and you'll find a Buzzfeed online short, Refinery29 clip, Vogue feature and more about this popular body mod trend. When talking about curated piercings, Maria Tash definitely comes up. A... Continue Reading →

An ongoing hair journey

Last year May, I chopped off quite a bit of my hair and wore it natural. If you told teenage Alyx, that one day I would wear my hair short and kroes, there'd be sheer horror all over my face. I've always had a soft spot for short hair, but never imagined I'd ever wear... Continue Reading →

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