5 common skincare mistakes I’ve made

Whew, skincare. I talk about this a lot because, well, I don't have "good" skin. I'm trying to work on my idea of what good/bad skin is because ultimately this is an organ that covers my whole body. The reality is,  having problematic skin really impacts how you feel. I'm currently going through it because... Continue Reading →

Updated skincare finds

It's 2018 and I still don't have magically clear skin. Wow, a sham. Earlier this year, I wrote about using cruelty-free skincare and while I succeeded in finding many options, some of those didn't actually work for me. The apple cider vinegar toner? It's a wrap. I realised some of the products worked better on... Continue Reading →

Cute and cruelty-free skincare

I'm really not blessed with perfect skin. I'm prone to pigmentation, scarring and acne all year round. Puberty was not kind to me at all. I can distinctly remember a bitchy girl in commenting on how "bad" my skin had gotten, and never forget how horrible that felt. Anyways, I started taking care of my... Continue Reading →

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