The Liebster Award

So I was nominated for a Liebster Award. I felt like I had won an Oscar until I realised it was mainly a way to get new blogs some traction (which is pretty cool - I won't lie). It's also nominated by your peers (so fellow bloggers such as, etc etc). I was given the... Continue Reading →

Shame me not

This is probably not that funny - but whatever. Recently, I've come across a lot of body-shaming antics in my daily life. Yes, body-shaming, whether you're making fun of the bigger girl in your gym or the skinny girl that you keep calling anorexic under your breath. Quite frankly, I'm tired of it. Very very... Continue Reading →

Workin’ 9 to 5

I haven’t been writing an awful lot (for myself that is) – life has been moving an awfully fast pace. That’s the thing about being in your 20s (or early twenties) is that there are far too many choices. I recently lamented on Facebook that I really wished that someone has warned me being young... Continue Reading →

URL what?

There’s not a part of our lives that isn’t governed by some sort of social media platform. Whether you’re sharing photos and links of your life via Instagram, oversharing your dirty business on Facebook or throwing your 2c on the URL on Twitter – most people are linked up and ready to share aspects of... Continue Reading →

Proactivity 101

It’s something I talk about all too often – but I’m all for the #proactivity of women/girls in my vicinity. I’ve been there, pining for some dude to smell through my frantic glances that I indeed,  want to talk to him. Since I’m not currently in a #serious relationship – it’s clear that Hottie from... Continue Reading →

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