Is this home yet?

I moved to Cape Town two years ago. TWO WHOLE YEARS. I can't even believe that time has passed by so quickly. I minced up to the Mother City with no real plan beyond knowing I couldn't go back to the Eastern Cape. The things I've learnt in the last two years? Oh, I've listed... Continue Reading →

So, Where Are You Now?

Ever been struck with the thought of travelling the world? Your twenties are meant to be filled with introspection and time spent abroad trying to 'find yourself'. However, trying to find the right kind of experience, locations and places to see don't always end in success. So imagine my surprise, in finding a website that... Continue Reading →

Oh hai.

I recently decided to move. Out of the sheer necessity to start a new life. Moving away from the poisonous grapevine that comes with living in a city you call home, for far too long. I knew it was time when I kept hearing about other people's business, without asking, as if a) it mattered... Continue Reading →

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