Where to get curated ear piercings in Cape Town

Updated May 2023

You’ve probably heard about #curatedears or ear curation before. The internet’s been talking about about “constellation piercings” for a hot minute now. Do your Googles and you’ll find a Buzzfeed online short, Refinery29 clip, Vogue feature and more about this popular body mod trend.

When talking about curated piercings, Maria Tash is the first name to come to mind. A body piercer and jewellery designer with her own brand, she’s a household name with a lot of body mod enthusiasts. Piercing trends come and go, but she’s responsible for creating pricey #aesthestique jewellery that celebrities love. 

Previously, if you went to a Claire’s or other piercing studios – you got boring clunky silver jewellery that didn’t look very cute.

What can you expect?

A variety of piercers around the world do the curated ear and #elevate the experience. You get a consultation, and the piercer looks at your ear and decides what could fit you. The end result is piercings that mesh well together and look like they’re meant to be there. The jewellery is also a lot more up-to-date and cute to look at.

I mean, sign me the hell up? Because, unless you’re a regular, going into a piercing studio can be an intimidating experience.

And being a liker of things, I usually hope that trends will eventually make their way to Cape Town.

This year, the ever-popular The Piercery came to Cape Town and has a branch in bustling Kloof Street. This follows shortly after the launch of other stores in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

What’s the process like?

Self-described as a ‘luxe piercing atelier’, The Piercery has an Instagram-worthy interior and there are plenty of jewels to look at. There are various price points but it depends on what you’re looking for when it comes to jewellery. You can choose from something relatively simple to an ornate 14k gold piece.

I just came in for a jewellery change but we did discuss potential new piercings for my ear. I’ve realised my body just doesn’t work well with cartilage piercings and that it’s best to avoid it overall. So I’m focusing on finishing my lobe ear curation for now.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to avoid pain, The Piercery also offers pain-free piercings (which just means the area is numbed beforehand).

The whole experience was around 15 -20 minutes, but this is the biggest difference. Piercing studios in malls or on the street can feel a bit rushed and you don’t get to have that quality time with a consultation.

How can you get yours?

Do note, the current policy is about walk-ins only, so there might be a bit of a wait. You can purchase jewellery online via their store but it can be a good idea to visit in-person to see what’s in stock.

You can follow them on Instagram for more updates.

Hope this helps


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