I just survived my Saturn Return and here’s what I learnt

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’d know that I’m someone who definitely loves astrology. And if you’re also into the woo woo, you’re aware that a major transit happened this year.

On 7 March 2023, Saturn finally moved out of Capricorn into Pisces.

In short, I’ve just survived my Saturn Return. Not that this major planet moving into Pisces is going to be a total breeze, but it felt like a breath of fresh air for me, thank you.

It’s no joke that the end of your 20s feels like a reckoning. You’re questioning many things, all at once and all the time. It feels like everything is up for review, your life under immense scrutiny. Your career, your future, your family and most importantly, redefining your life for yourself.

My Saturn Return ran through (and I mean, ran through like Tomb Raider) my sixth house – the house of work, daily service, routine and more.

(P.S – You can check which house it’ll affect if you know your birth chart and the time you were born. )

In my case, it completely obliterated anything and everything that didn’t work for me in my career. Since May 2021, I have had three different jobs and whatever wasn’t meant for me? It left abruptly and often in a jarring manner.

But as exhausting as this has been in a relatively short period of time, I’m grateful. It also brought so many good, kind people into my life. The support system that I have would not have existed if not for the chaos that this transit envisioned for me.

I cannot lie though, it made me feel a type of sadness unlike any other. I’ve mourned several versions of who I was. I spent a lot of time introspecting – mainly thinking about what my life now looks like and what I originally envisioned.

The god of time, the grandmaster, the devouring father: Saturn represents the hard limits of mortality, scarcity, and restriction, meant to check us from reckless ego-domination or self-erasure. Wherever it goes in your chart, Saturn commands an objective, nonmoralistic test of efficiency. Is this part of your life working? If not, what is holding you back? 

David Odyssey, Nylon Magazine

But here’s a few things I got into over my Saturn Return


I have a 12H sun and man, it jumped out during my Saturn Return. I fell deeper into my own spiritual practices and learnt a lot more about astrology than I could ever imagine. It has been a vital tool to understanding my life and who I am growing into, while also helping me move towards a place of healing.


I’ll be honest, my life doesn’t look close to what I thought it would be at 31 (almost 32). I had a different plan and when life happened to it, I had to regroup and look at what was no longer working. I went from working in social to facilitating and teaching about social media to small businesses. Finally, I went back to my roots and moved back into digital publishing and marketing. Messing around with websites and blogging for almost a decade has come full circle for me.


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♬ original sound – Chani Nicholas


Over the last three years, I’ve outgrown people and some people have outgrown me. There’s been a shift in a lot of my platonic relationships. But I’ve been blessed to make some steadfast friendships too. I’ve reconnected with old friends, had massive arguments and solidified a lot of love in my life. Ultimately, you learn that not every friendship needs to go the distance, and that doesn’t make the experience less beautiful.

Facing my fears

I’ve had many opportunities to leap and that includes looking at my own love life and other experiences that feel a little bit terrifying. I hit several rock bottom moments that really diminished the fear I had about other things. When you’re already going through it, why not just say fuck it, let’s go?

Finally, if you’re heading into your Saturn Return in Pisces, here’s a small bit of advice for the transit ahead.

Meet it head-on. Cultivate accountability in your life, so that you have a strong network of friends (and ideally therapists!) who can give you objective, nonmoralistic feedback about how you’re changing.

David Odyssey, Nylon Magazine

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