Struggling to meet new people? Here’s how to make friends as an adult

Getting older is a privilege and truthfully, building relationships is something that happens over time. But one thing I’ve noticed since entering my 30s, are conversations around how tough it is making new friends. Besides that, it gets tougher to maintain friendships or at least accept when they’ve shifted into another phase of life.

I don’t think every friendship is meant to last a lifetime, but personally, engaging with different personalities can give you some perspective. I feel like the more people I meet and befriend, the better my other long-term friendships have become. In my experience, I’ve managed to make a lot of good friends via the internet (social media, to be specific) but it’s also important to live life offline.

I’ve rounded up some ways to encounter new friends, whether you’ve moved to a different city or just want to expand your social horizons.

Here’s some ways to make friends and meet new people as an adult


Giving up some time once or twice a week to help a worthy cause is a great way to engage with likeminded people. Volunteering at a soup kitchen, animal shelter or a local organisation is a way to spend time doing something that makes you feel good but meet others with similar values to yours. If you’re already share one thing in common with your fellow volunteers, there’s a chance you could connect on other subjects. Even if you don’t manage to make a new friend, you’re giving up time for something meaningful and expanding your network.

Take up or explore a new activity

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more open to attempting a new hobby or two. This year, I’ve wanted to try a ceramics class, take a pole class, start a yoga practice and do spin cycle. Looking at the list, it is a bit of a big ask, but I do want to try regardless. In the last two years, I’ve gotten quite into tarot cards, astrology and oracle readings (blame my 12th house Sun and my Saturn Return). I think it’s about accessing new activities in a way that fits your personality and your budget. After all, not everyone can afford a new gym or fitness activity, but you could join a hiking club?

If books are more your jam, why not research a local in-person or online book club? Whatever you’ve been putting off is what you need to try as soon as you have the time, energy and funds.

Become a regular somewhere

I’m talking about visiting your favourite coffee shop, restaurant until you’re part of the furniture. It’s one way to meet new people but also feel less lonely if you’re in a new city. There’s a feeling that comes with knowing a place to get your favourite drink and a little pastry. The familiarity is soothing, or at least it has been for me when I’ve moved around. Whether you meet new people or not, you’ll feel more settled when you can make your way around an unfamiliar place.


Now, I know many people don’t believe in making friends at work. I do advise you proceed with caution, and if you prefer to keep your personal and professional separate, that’s great. However, I’ve made some of the best friendships through my (many) workplaces. I think you have to discern who you want to be around, but it can be really nice to have a work friend (or two).

Hope this is helpful!

x A

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