Lucky girl syndrome, small magic and the abundance of a new year

I have a tradition and a rule, I don’t really ever go out on New Year’s Eve. I can’t pinpoint when but one year it felt ominous to be out on the last night of the year. So I stopped. I spent the last hours of 2022, doing what I did on the eve of my 31st birthday: dancing around my flat, a little drunk before I embarked on Dry January.

One lesson I’ve learnt from the last few years is that there are ways to make a life feel magical, lucky and somewhat romanticised. And a fun fact about me? I’ll always give you a crystal or two. I believe it’s a small talisman imbued with good energy. Some people say prayers, I’ll give you a piece of quartz.

I’ve spoken about how I believe abundance is a golden waterwheel and that in order to get, you need to give. You need to do it freely too, without any expectations. The energy itself is an exchange, and if you don’t open yourself up to it – it simply won’t happen.

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram, chances are you’ve heard about lucky girl syndrome. The long and short of it, is that you’re basically affirming that you’re lucky, that things will go your way, that opportunities won’t miss you. Life is rigged in your favour.

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Now, some people might roll their eyes at this but. But honestly, that’s the way I’ve been living for the last couple of years. I’ve quit jobs with the certainty that I’ll find another (and I did). I’ve thought of things I wanted flippantly only to get them days or weeks later.

Can you positively think your way into everything? Absolutely not. But I do think that being able to keep your heart and mind open to possibility is what makes this work. I’m very intentional about what enters in my space, who is in my life and how I’m spending my time.

More so, I’ve also realised that you have to enforce your boundaries and not wait for someone to figure out that their treatment or behaviour is harmful or hurtful.

Is there anything terrible in thinking you’re just going to have a good day, even when that doesn’t end up being the case? I don’t think so.

I think when you have a little hope, you can pick yourself up after disappointment. You walked into it with your eyes open, and no matter what, it was your decision to move forward.

The energy of this new year has felt a little weird. A bit slow to start, like I’ve been waking up from a dream. In the last couple of months, I’ve felt open to a lot more experiences and felt myself evolving

So, this time, instead of writing a list of things to do, or compiling a bucket list – I’ve decided to focus on three things for my “resolutions”.

I want to up my step count and have one hot girl walk a week. I want to try a ceramics/candle making class and unleash my inner cottagecore girlie.

Finally, I want to try a yoga class. I decided on three things so I could commit to something every four months. A tangible deadline, but with less pressure.

And really, I hope this year is better to us all.

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