Leo season: vulnerability, joy and finding time to play

It’s Leo season. The most wonderful time of the year and I’m just under a month from turning 31. I’m really in my 30s? What a concept. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know I have a Leo stellium and August is my birthday month. It’s excessive and silly but also exactly what I love.

Last year, I wrote about birthday magic and the importance of gratitude, and how I wanted to start my 30s.

Well, 30 has been an incredibly intense year. I’ve changed jobs and I’m about to move homes. I guess the main lesson has been vulnerability and learning to be open to other options, ideas and people. In the last twelve months, I made lifelong friends and encountered people I would have never met otherwise. I have leaned fully into embracing hot girl season, all year round. After being cooped up at home, dealing with grief and imminent change – I missed being a woman who makes space for fun.

I’m at my best when I actually live my life and enjoy being relatively young. For some reason, as soon as I started embracing that, people noticed the overhaul in my energy and that I looked more confident? It’s got nothing to do with a job, a partner or anything else: just me feeling myself and the importance of having fun.

August is a reset season for me, I take stock of my life and celebrate another year. Getting older is a blessing, no matter how shitty things are.

This time, Alice’s love letter to Leos has been something I revisit often. They articulate a lot of the love I have for my family, life and close friends.

I love that you look at yourself in the mirror or selfie camera for too long, that you care about your hair, that you love nice things not just for yourself but for everyone. I love that you have high standards for how you want to be treated because you have high standards for how you treat other people. 

Alice Sparkly Kat

It’s been a reminder to trust my gut and accept that when I have a feeling that doesn’t align with what I want to feel, I have to honour that. I have the ability to restart as many times as I want to. That it’s scary to leap but I must do so, even when I don’t know what the end looks like. Recently, I’ve had many reminders that my life is so finite, from sudden loss to regret. It’s clear that at this point, pride doesn’t stand for much when events can shift your life in minutes. Make this life what you want, at least you tried.

I love that you love life, even when it is hard to do so. You believe in the certainty of the future. You shine because you expect everyone else to shine also.

Alice Sparkly Kat

Most importantly, this Leo season, my birthday present to myself is some time offline. I haven’t had a real moment to unplug, in about 5 years. The plan is to tick off things on my bucket list, check out museums, art galleries and take a bus ride to my crystal shop. I’m going to spend time outside and doing things that aren’t related to any part of social media and reset my habits. For my astrology enthusiasts, this period transits my 12H and I’m ready to be a little reclusive.

I didn’t get the Grecian holiday, but I did have a Greek dinner and have a support system I love dearly.

I have enough in this life. I’ve always had enough.

x A

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