Local online contraception and birth control pill delivery services

Birth control, babyyyy. While it’s not the sexiest conversation, it is a necessary one. Unless you’re looking to procreate, having a discussion with your partner about what birth control measures you need to use is vital. If you’re single and just want to be sure, finding the right option can be a hassle. I’m not going to discuss every viable option though, I just wanted to write about online contraception service providers I’ve seen on my Instagram ads.

Bless that little photo app (although it really isn’t one currently) – because the ads? They’re scarily accurate most of the time. Recently, I’ve seen a few ads for online birth control delivery services. I was intrigued to see how this would work out. I’m pretty lazy and will easily pay for convenience when it makes sense. So, I thought I would check out what these services were all about, in case anyone else was curious.

Disclaimer: I aim to make my content as inclusive as possible. Birth control isn’t just a cis women’s issue. All information shared was accurate at the time I found it.

And if you have any other suggestions to share, please let me know!


MyContraceptive® by Zoie Health is an online contraceptive delivery service in South Africa. It offers some of the most effective birth control methods, all from your mobile device in the comfort of your home.

In the last couple months, MyContraceptive was the first ad I saw on Instagram. The service was conceptualised by Dr Nonhlanhla Sithole and Thato Schermer, who have also co-founded Zoie Health, Africa’s first digital women’s health clinic.

We believe women deserve access to affordable, definitive and helpful healthcare at every phase of their lives.

Zoie Health

You can find out more about the services they offer via the website and find an option that works for you, your lifestyle and budget.


Contro’s mission? To make sexual health and confidence products easily accessible to anyone in South Africa by offering a seamless online prescription and delivery service. The healthcare provider mentions that accessing vital, everyday sexual health products in South Africa is a long, tedious and frustrating process that involves doctors’ waiting rooms and frequent pharmacy visits.

Besides online birth control pill delivery, there are a variety of services available, from hair loss to STI treatment. The site also has helpful resources like articles on period stigma, why online birth control services are booming and what you need to know before starting the pill.

Again, depending on what you need, you can find a service that works with your budget and lifestyle.

Together, our objective is to provide you with a unique, non-judgemental and convenient service that puts you in control.


Hope this was helpful!

x A

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