Want to know where to get period underwear in South Africa?

In light of the current climate, reproductive health and access to healthcare is a hot topic. Recently, I held a poll on my Instagram, and asked what period products people were using. As I get older, my period symptoms feel so obvious (cramps, headaches and hormonal changes – whew).

It’s important to find a period product that works for you, not just one you tolerate. You get me? Anyways, for the most part people were using pads, tampons, the cup and period pannies. I’ve been a bit lazy to try something new but period underwear has been on my to-get list for ages. In South Africa, it feels like it was harder to obtain, but I kept seeing overseas period underwear brands, so I knew it would be a matter of time before we got it.

Anyways, I wanted to round up where to get period underwear in South Africa, since I was curious. I figured other people would appreciate knowing where to go. I would encourage supporting small businesses but I have included bigger retailers for convenience.

Again, the information I found is currently accurate but may be subject to change. Let me know if I missed any recommendations!


Blushproof absorbing panties have 3 extra layers in the gusset to wick your flow away; to trap your flow (keeping you dry); and to lock in your flow to prevent leaks

Mr Price

Smart Underwear

In the Period Panty range, we have 2 options available. Our 100% cotton, Adira period panties have a leak-proof lining, are lightly absorbent and are designed to be used with regular menstrual products. Our Flux undies are absorbent period panties and can replace regular menstrual products.

BiddyKins Period Panties

Depending on your flow (light, medium, heavy), BiddyKins Period Panties can replace traditional pads, tampons or cups. They can of course also be worn as back-up to your tampon/cup for added peace of mind on heavy days.

Hope this was helpful!

x A

Cover photo by Polina Zimmerman

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