Where to get curated ear piercings in South Africa

Hello hi, I’m here. I thought I would write about the things I’ve been interested in over the past few months. Since finishing my back tattoo in early April, I’ve been wanting to get some more piercings. I’ve had my fair share of them, from a lip labret to a nose ring but in the last few years, I’ve taken out, lost and had some reject terribly (hello, nips).

Anyways, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I wrote about curated ear piercings in Cape Town in 2018 and what the process entailed.

Fast-forward a couple years and the process of curated piercings is a lot more accessible around the world. The whole point of the service is to consider the way piercings will work with your anatomy and create a look that is completely customisable to what you love. I guess, it’s the rise of social media, access to body modifications and wanting more visually appealing body piercings/jewellery that has made this service really go off.

A variety of piercers around the world do the curated ear and #elevate the experience. You get a consultation, the piercer looks at your ear and decides what could fit for you. The end result is piercings that mesh well and look they’re meant to be there. The jewellery is also a lot more up-to-date and cute to look at.

I’ve been contemplating getting my nose re-pierced and maybe, one or two lobe piercings to complete both my ears. Since I’m not getting tattooed as regularly, I figured that it was time to finish up the other body modification work I wanted done.

So, I wanted to create a small directory for people wanting to find piercing services in and around South Africa. Do note, these are ones I’ve found via Instagram or have visited myself. If you have any additional suggestions – please let me know?

Do note, I will try and update this list regularly, but the information I found was accurate at time of publication.

Cape Town

Black Betty Design

How to book: Check out the official site to browse the jewellery and make an appointment. They have branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg. As a note, they won’t pierce anyone under the age of 10.

Amethyst Body Art

How to book: You can visit the studio in-person, call to book or DM via Instagram to find out about availability.

Queen of Steel Piercing

How to book: You can check out the website for more information on making an appointment, but give them a call or email to find out about availability and piercing services on offer.


Beyond Body Modification

How to book: Visit the site to get contact details – give the studio a call or send an email to book an appointment and find our about availability.

I hope this was helpful!

x A

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