On consumption, sustainability and slowing down

Well, COVID finally visited my household and I genuinely never want to feel this ill again. I’m very grateful for the marvels of modern science and being double vaxxed, but damn – being sick? Gross. Anyways, I took a small break from writing on here because, life has been happening but also I’ve been having a lot of time offline, processing thoughts.

I made the most of the good weather and like Demi – I, too, was cool for the summer. It felt good to see friends, go out, have fun and shed the last two years in the form of reconnection and having the sun on my face. But, man does not live by bread alone. Being a hot girl requires energy, money and time to spend to be silly. It was a priority but I also recognise when it’s time to slow down. Even when time doesn’t feel all too real or like anything else is slowing down.

Aries season is here and it’s the start of the astrological year. Bustle states that Aries energy is associated with starting anew and embracing our independence, so it’s a great time to set intentions, kick off projects, and take more initiative in your life. 

The solar activation of the red-hot realm of Aries brings forth a bright and motivated new beginning for all zodiac signs, and we’ll be working with this fiery energy through April 19


But speaking of new beginnings, I now have a job in the social development, sustainability and conservation sector. And as a result, I have been having discussions with colleagues about what impact really means, both directly and indirectly.

I’ve also been thinking about consumption and my own habits. Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve felt a pull to have more tangible things and maybe, began shopping a bit too much? One thing about me, I don’t need a reason to spend money (Libra 2nd house energy, you get me?).

Anyways, Rian Phin (one of my favourite Youtubers) mentioned how they were resetting their consumption habits across the board, from grocery shopping to product choices. Prior to 2022, they had a focus on sustainable clothing and maintaining those practices, but may have been buying/consuming a lot of takeout or an excess of purchases?

It seems really obvious, but it made me think about how I’m engaging with other aspects of my life? I can care about and work on multiple things, from how I consume food, media and clothing.

Why is this even important? Well, I realised a lot of my blog content is focused on me finding new things to experience or buy and sharing it, from nice fancy candles to piercing shops. While I do want to share helpful content, I also don’t want to encourage overspending i.e. use this information but you don’t need to be shopping all the time. I think it’s important to have it there, but not just to promote endless consumption. Like you know it exists and you can save it for later.

Personally, I am trying to have more time offline and doing things that don’t cost a ton of money directly. Like going to the museum (on free days), going window shopping in markets and spending time with friends doing wholesome DIY activities. I’m making my way through my 22 x 2022 bucket list, slowly but surely.

Ultimately, I’m not saying less is more is the only way. But I have enough to not really need more. And with Ramadan starting and Easter around the corner, it feels fitting to know when enough is enough, and when it’s time to give to others.

x A

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