10+ local artists to check out and shop from

Feeling like decorating your home? Or maybe you’re like me and only hung up your prints after like three years in your place. Recently, a friend DMed me to ask about artists and who to buy from locally. I realised I hadn’t really written about local artists or places I’ve bought prints from. There’s like a serious shift from 25 onwards, where the urge to nest and redecorate your space enters with a bang.

I feel like you also start to see your taste shift and evolve, you’re making a little more money and you want a home that feels like you. If I look back at what I used to like and where I am now at my big age, it’s wild. It’s incredible to see how our aesthetics change as we settle more into who we are, or feel less like we need to stick to one thing.

Enter lockdown, pandemic and spending all this time at home, it felt very necessary to properly decorate.

So I thought I would compile a short list of artists I know, to use as a reference to find other artists you like.

Note: These are just some artists I’ve either bought from, want to gift a friend or had my eye on. It’s not an extensive list or directory of what’s truly out there. It was important to include something for a variety of artistic tastes.

If you’re curious and find someone you like on this list, definitely browse Instagram – the algorithm really gives me what I want to see. Alternatively, support artists you see at your local markets (Greenmarket Square in Cape Town, as an example).

I also don’t just want to share ways to spend money so if you’d be prefer to get more creative in your own time then that’s also an option (think DIY wall art, weaved wall hangings and framed embroidery). I just don’t have the skill and/or the patience. Okay, onto the list!

Me and Norman

Emma Nourse Art

Caitlin Mkhasibe

Amy Keevy

Fanie Buys

Little Latsky

Kaylin Car

Lady Luck Tattooer

Imile Wepener


Lau Belcher

Hope this was helpful!

x A

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