Local crystal stores to shop from in South Africa

At this point, it should be abundantly clear: I am a woman of the woo woo. A crystal loving, tarot reading, astro chart deep-diving woman. Fun fact: my mom spelled my name this way because numerology stated it was luckier to have a y in your name. Another thing about me? I love crystals and if you’re one of my friends, chances are I’ve given you one.

Anyways, while looking out for crystals for my room, I wanted to share some spaces to shop online. Due to COVID-19, most of us can’t really leave our homes or simply don’t want to. Back in 2019 and early 2020, I would do a monthly trip to Hout Bay with one of my close friends to visit her crystal spot.

I don’t go as much as I used to but I really enjoy seeing crystals up close and picking whatever really catches my eye.

Bu buying online is convenient and often shops have a large selection to choose from that you might have not noticed in a physical store.

I’ve compiled a few of my faves below and if you have any other suggestions, let me know.

RockChic Crystals

Location: Hout Bay, Cape Town

Where to shop: Physical store and online shop

The Crystal Spirits

Location: Benoni, Gauteng

Where to shop: Physical store or online shop

The Mystic Cat

Location: Swellendam, Western Cape

Where to shop: Online store

Wild Spirits Crystals

Location: Somewhere in SA

Where to shop: via Instagram, online shop coming soon

Rare Earth Crystals

Location: Durban North, KZN

Where to shop: By appointment or online store

I hope this was helpful.

x A

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