Local women-owned businesses selling CBD-infused products

It’s been a while but I’m back. 2021 is throwing some hands and I, for one, have had enough. I’ve been feeling the effects of having a non-stop year and very few breaks. Maybe it’s burnout, maybe it’s Maybelline? It’s been the best of times (I got promoted!!) and the worst of times (personal life = shambolique)

Anyways, one of the ways I’ve dealt with my pandemic related blues, lack of sleep and a host of other shit – is CBD. This isn’t anything new, I’ve written about CBD for All the Pretty Birds before. But I like to put my money where my mouth is and supporting Black and brown owned businesses. So many people have pivoted through the pandemic and started new projects or seen overwhelming support for what they make. So I thought I would return to proper blogging with yet another directory. Here’s a round up of women-owned businesses selling CBD-infused products.

Okay wait. So you’re looking for something with tee-aych-see? I got you. Head over to That Good Good and I Canna.

Mother Nature SA

A Cape Town-based business, Mother Nature produces CBD products from gummies to cookies along with a host of other offerings. A favourite that’s been recommended to me more than one: the CBD edible spray that’s easy to travel with and use on a daily basis. You can order via the Instagram page and browse the other products on offer – including collagen powder and turmeric tea.

My Cannabutter

If the name sounds familiar, I mentioned My Cannabutter in our Black-owned businesses to shop directory from last year. If you’re looking for CBD-infused wellness products, they have a host of body butters, oils and clay masks. You can check out their Instagram or shop via their online store.


KushKush Online

An e-commerce platform that sells a variety of items and weed-related products – if you’re so inclined. Founded shortly after the 2018 ruling that allowed private use of cannabis – Jo Hope started KushKush as a community for other women who have similar interests. The site has a separate CBD shop that you can purchase from, with gummies, cookies and CBD oils in varying strengths.

Uncle Jack’s Botanicals

Listen, I don’t know what age does, but my period cramps and body aches? Have gotten a lot worse. I’ve been trying find a better solution than just popping ibuprofen all the time. Uncle Jack’s Botanicals is a Cape Town-based brand making CBD-infused herbal products that’ll be excellent for pain management. Watch this space (and their Instagram) as they’re prepping to launch soon.

If you have any suggestions – let me know! I hope you find this helpful.

x A

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