Tattoos are for Everybody: A guide for POC tattoo customers

I had the idea for Tattoos are for Everybody in 2017, shortly after reading Janine JellarsThe Natural Newbie Guide – a free to download e-book she launched on her site. I’ve written some content on tattoos and local tattoo culture, and since then quite a few people have asked how to go about getting their first one (especially as a black or brown person). I couldn’t really find the kind of guide I was looking for, so I thought I would write my own. I figured it would be a helpful resource to refer my friends to and anyone else looking for some insight.  

However, I needed some time to figure out the content, improve my writing and most importantly, get a proper name for the document. After three years of procrastination, the COVID pandemic came and I realised needed to stop putting things off and finally write this e-book. And so I did. I took most of July to write, design, conceptualise the cover and now, here we are. 


I chose September because it marks the ten year anniversary of my very first tattoo, the one I got with some of my closest friends beside me. 

Thank you to Cayleigh Bright for editing, Meagan Hamman for offering design advice and my friends (Palesa and Gary) who shared their questions and feedback. And my mama for shooting the cover image with me. 

Click here to get your FREE download: Tattoos are for Everybody by Alyx Carolus

Let me know what you think!

x A


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