What’s a Moon List?

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, lately. Something about a great layout and some good content feels comforting during these times. I recently came across the Moon List concept when I was reading my fave, Alyssa Lau‘s blog. She recently launched her blog and shared some insight on what the Moon List, how she found it and answered some of the questions.

I recently discovered Moon Lists – a selection of questions designed to help you look back on a timeframe of your choice. 

Alyssa Lau

And who hasn’t been reflecting during this time? I’m sure we’ve taken time to think about our lives, how they were, where they’re going and just the general upheaval all around us. I wanted to reflect on the four weeks just before the new moon (22 April – 22 May). The new moon is the perfect time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Interested in trying it for yourself or your journal? You can find the questions at MoonLists.com.

Consider whatever timeframe you want to look back on. I find four weeks to be a good benchpark. Maybe you complete your list on the first of each month or maybe you just jump in whenever you can. Maybe you frame it around the full or new moon.


Here’s what I chose – you can pick 6 to 10 questions of your own and write it down in a journal or say it out loud. Reflection is an important part of personal growth and especially now, I like to write down what’s been happening so I don’t block it from my mind in the future.

What happened that doesn’t have an explanation?

This entire month.

What were you proud of?

Sitting down and finishing a physical book for the first time in ages. I’ve been able to read quite a few e-books, but actually being able to sit down and enjoy a book in one sitting hasn’t been something I could do recently. I feel way more present and excited to read than I ever have before.

Did you simplify something?

My routine. I have a really calm morning and evening routine that helps me settle in what needs to do be done for the day/night.

A new way of looking at things, or something to attempt in the future?

I think I feel less likely to procrastinate. I used to be so bad about leaving things to the last minute and the last four weeks have been really eye opening. I’ve felt more motivated to get the pertinent things/errands on my list done than before. I’m still not perfect and I can be slow to finish projects, but I have made major progress.

Something you decided to rid from your life, or perhaps that you are particularly happy to see come to a close.

I went through my paperwork and old files, and just got rid of things that don’t apply to my life right now. I’m also keen to wrap up a project I’ve been working on.

An intimate experience with the natural world.

After 8pm, I can hear the waves from my room and balcony. Even though I’m not going outside to see the beach, it’s so calming to hear nature from my home.

x A

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