Local businesses I’m supporting during lockdown

Hello hi, yes. I’m absolutely back with another blog about lockdown. I’ll get back to writing about other things, when this isn’t one of the singular major changes in my life. South Africa is on level 4 of lockdown, a step below the most restrictive level. I guess you can’t expect the public not to chafe at the restrictions, but some people have been acting like we’re all back to normal (looking at you, Atlantic Seaboard). I’m on level 5, period and have resigned myself to staying indoors, save for the occasional grocery run/delivery, until the end of the year. I’m fortunate enough to do this but honestly, it’s not about me. I’m staying home so that I’m not part of the spread.

The outside was never safe, but right now, it doesn’t feel refreshing to go outside when I might walk into literal illness. Anyways, I’ve found a few businesses to support during this time. I’m trying to support mainly POC-owned businesses, but small business in general as best I can.


I was looking for fabric face masks and a friend of mine shared this Cape Town-based brand called Care Croft. I didn’t want to leave home without one and soon after the government made it a mandatory aspect of level 4. They have an online store but only deliver to the Cape Town area because of restrictions. The masks are double layer, so you need to add your own filter and so far, I’ve had nothing but good service from them.

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The grab-and-go crew looks a little different now.

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Other alternatives include ZANA, PH Boutique and Mungo.


I’ve been trying to order my groceries online where possible. Most of the major retailers are woefully backed up and so it just makes sense to try smaller businesses. A friend recommended Valota Farming to me, she’d bought their fruit + veg box and showed me how big it was. I ordered from them over a week ago and we’ve barely made a dent in what we got so far.

Other options include Umthunzi Farming Community, Granadilla Food Market and Wild Organics.

If you’re looking for vegan/plant-based options – I also tried out Herbivore Earthfoods. I saw them on my social media and just thought it would be good to know if it was good to try. I ordered the cashew milk, their cereal and their burger patties. I’ll definitely buy the patties again, because I don’t really enjoy meat burgers unless it’s from a fast-food spot (classy, I know).

Hope this was helpful and feel free to share your own recs with me!

x A

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