I wrote my 30 x 30 bucket list

I can’t believe I’m turning 30 in 2021. I don’t have any hang-ups about ageing or what my life is like right now, because things change so quickly. But I do feel like I’m prone to self-sabotage in the form of procrastination, especially with my own goals. A solution to all this? Write up a bucket list.

I was inspired by one of my all-time fave content creators, Rachel Nguyen (aka thatschic). Her blog is so beautifully put together and a reflection of her personality and style. Rachel is one of those effortlessly cool women who make things look easy (even when it isn’t). I discovered her via YouTube and the honesty in her work is so appreciated.

So, she did a 30 x 30. A quick list of around 30 things to do or attempt before she turned 30. It doesn’t matter what it was and they didn’t all have to be big-ticket, expensive experiences. The whole concept resonated with me, because I love to procrastinate, especially with things I really want to do.

One of the experiences she spoke about was taking a solo roadtrip. Her journey and trip itself turned into a seven-part YouTube series called The Art of Loneliness that I revisit frequently.

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And I didn't want to come back.

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Earlier this year, I wrote about my word for 2020: alignment. It’s about surviving the chaos of the last two years and putting my well-being at the forefront of this year. And shortly after that, I decided to jot down some notes for my 30 x 30. Some items are simple, like drinking sake and enjoying a michelada with my friends. Others include having a solid emergency fund, closing one of my store accounts and studying part-time.

Is this the only way to get my goals done? No, it’s not. But I’m in a space where I feel good enough to try new shit. And that’s how I know I’m healing – I have the energy to begin again, have fun and make some of my own dreams come true.

What about you?

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