A word for 2020

We’re finally here and good Lord, have I been ready to start fresh. No matter what anyone says, I feel positive about the start of the new year. This time around I’ve felt like there’s a major change and shift underway – maybe because for once, there doesn’t feel like a major cloud on my horizon. I don’t feel weighed down about what’s coming up in my life.

So I’ve been choosing a word for the year for about three years now. Some have stuck and some have just, not. (like self-discipline, lol). But mainly, it’s really about setting an intention and if I’m unable to get it done – I get to reflect on why and how I can improve in the following year.

Last year, I picked the word abundance and whew, when I tell you it spoke itself into existence? From Tamu’s word on Abundance to my life being filled with real, tangible abundant opportunities I could have only dreamt of.

So this year, my word for 2020 is alignment. I think for the first time I have the time/space to focus on my health and building real better habits. It’s so easy to say you’ll change up your life, until you actually have do it. It’s a lifestyle change isn’t a quick fix and every time I’ve attempted to change things without this in mind – I’ve failed.

But I also have to give myself grace, the last five years have been tumultuous – I’ve moved more than 10 times, I’ve changed jobs four times and had just a really tough time. My health, happiness and overall habits weren’t a priority because survival was.

However, I’m not in that space anymore. I have the opportunity to align my life along with my other goals to have a really peaceful and abundant year.

I’ve been watching Matt D’Avella on YouTube, who had an ongoing video project on his channel. Basically, he tried to build 12 new habits over the course of a year. Each month he’d try something new, e.g cold showers or quitting caffeine, for 30 days and track his progress. I must note, that a ton of people (mainly m*n) love to talk about self-development aka “hacking” their bodies while engaging in restrictive and harmful behaviours.

I’d just like to try to build new habits that work for me, or determine what doesn’t work either. I’ve already “given up” fast food, mainly because it makes me feel sluggish when I do eat it and I often don’t know when to stop. I don’t have a healthy balance with it or take-out and until I do, it’s gotta go.

To alignment, building better habits and being accountable to what I need to do in my life.



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