In conversation with: Chloe’ Flowers

Welcome to another installment of In Conversation With – an ongoing series on this blog, featuring women and femmes from around the world.

Chloe’ Flowers is a blogger, mom and high school teacher living in Oklahoma City, trying to balance motherhood, partnership and creative pursuits. We met thanks to All The Pretty Birds, where we both contribute content and I do social media.

Meeting new people through the internet is how a lot of us make friends in 2019. It’s such a blessing to find like-minded friends all around the world and I value internet community so much when it’s healthy, reciprocal and supportive.

After giving birth to her gorgeous son, Phoenix – Chloe’ switched gears to become a high school teacher in OC. I asked her about her life as a black woman in the States, blogging and the lessons she’s learnt recently.

What prompted you to start blogging?

Writing has always been something I’ve loved to do, since childhood. It’s the easiest way for me to communicate my feelings and experiences. I write letters to my loved ones, make lists often. I’ve written a lot of short stories, and I journal a ton. In late 2018, I felt an urge to create a blog as a way to tell my story and connect with others and that’s how LADYFOX was born. I think as humans we are more alike than different, so my blog is all about connecting to the everyday black woman, mother or creative.

How has it been juggling mom life, career prospects and trying to maintain your own identity?

At first, this was really challenging for me because as a new mother, your world is turned upside down. All of a sudden there’s so much to do, and very little time to do it. But something that has helped is changing my perspective on the way I look at life and motherhood. I remind myself that it’s been done many, many years before I got here. Using pain and turning it into power is how I get through all challenges.

A big thing for me has been focusing on one thing at a time, to produce a life of quality. 

You’re really focused on wellness and nourishing the soul – what pushed you into that direction?

As an individual, I am extremely introspective and intuitive. My connection to my soul, and other souls is what gives me the most happiness. I’ve always felt that life is deeper than the vessel and physical existence. As far as wellness, I went to University for Health Science/Community Health. I learned so much about wellness at a really important time in my life. A lot of information I studied in college really stuck with me and shows itself through my work.

What’s been a tough lesson to learn over the last while?

Forgiveness. True forgiveness. 

Who inspires you and where do you go to get some inspiration when life gets overwhelming?

Random conversations with strangers inspire me. Podcasts have been a source of inspiration for me this year. Art is a big inspiration in my world.  Places inspire me more than people. Coffee shops, quaint studios, waterfalls, mountains and all things nature are inspirational. 

And finally, what are your plans for the next couple of months? 

My plans for the next couple months is to make it through the holidays. I want to smile and laugh from my stomach the last months of the year. My focus will be to look and feel good. I want to exude the energy I expect life to give me. I want to have genuine conversations and just experience really lovely feelings.

I really want to run a 5k before the year ends. I want to continue working on my book I started writing this year. I want to make genuine and loving connections. Many of my goals are spiritual and not so much short or long-term oriented.

Check out more of Chloe’s work on her blog and or follow her on Instagram.

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