My favourite Youtubers right now

In 2019 – whomst isn’t consuming a lot of media? From reading romance novels (hello, Kindle Unlimited!), listening to podcasts and streaming your favourite shows – we’re spoiled for choice. If you didn’t know, we don’t own a TV set in my house and haven’t for around 4 years. As a result I watch a ton of Youtube, from ASMR to bushcrafting and cleaning inspiration videos – I’ve seen most of it.

So I put together some of my favourite Youtubers (mainly fashion and lifestyle) that I’m watching now.

Tar Mar

Hailing from Ireland but calling New York home, Tar Mar aka Tara Marzuki, is one of my favourite finds on Youtube. She’s a Libra, interested in astrology and her Brooklyn loft is a dream. I really like watching her how-to New York videos and enjoy her day-to-day vlogs.

Rian Phin

One of my all-time favourite people on the internet, Rian Phin has knack for being way way ahead of the curve. If you want insights on fashion content, what’s definitely going to be cool in a few months or just enjoy seeing diverse voices chat about industry that isn’t very inclusive, tune in. They create cool sewing videos (aka capitalism hacks), informative chats about autism, ethics and NYC vlogs.

Wear I Live

Another NY influencer that I have loved watching over the last year or so is Jenny aka Wear I Live. She’s a Colorado transplant living in NYC and her content is focused on ethical fashion, sustainability and she often shares her favourite vegan dishes, etc. Her morning routine videos, fashion chats and weekly vlogs are some of my favourites.

Wear I Live is focused on what we’re wearing, how we’re living and it’s effect on the planet and its people

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Who’s your grandma ??

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Soothing Sista

I found Stephanie Villa aka SoothingSista when I was looking for packing advice and just never left. It can be hard to find relatively heavily tattooed women on Youtube that I enjoy and SS’s content is right up my alley. She chats about tattoos, sex education and skincare/beauty content. I think I relate to her the most, simply because we have a similar style and quite a few shared interests (like pin collecting!).

Feel free to share yours and let me know if you’ve watched these content creators before.

x A

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