Why I went back on the pill

Hey contraceptives, it’s me. Back at it again with the birth control content. In May 2018, I wrote about how I’d be going off the pill (government-issue contraceptive) because it was messing with my mood.

Fast-forward to June 2019 and I’m on the pill again.

I really tried, you guys. And honestly, it felt great to be on no contraceptives for a bit. But, at some point, you’ve just got to realise that something isn’t working – and I wasn’t feeling great about myself at all. So here’s why I went back.

Irregular periods

I’d been off birth control for a bit, when my period just disappeared for three months. Just gone, like it never existed. It threw my period tracker app out of sync and while it definitely wasn’t a pregnancy scare, it was a bit scary to just not have one for so long. I didn’t really know when to expect it and kinda forgot I even had one. And who wants a period, honestly? But when it came back I was basically bed-ridden and experiencing the worst cramps in my entire life. It’s a no from me, thank you.


And then came the skin issues. I had relatively clear skin thanks to the pill I was on. The minute I went off? The worst skin I’ve experienced in about 5 years. I was breaking out everywhere from my chin to my chest. And honestly, it was the lowest I was feeling in a while – nothing fucks up your self esteem quite like “bad” skin. It felt like my progress was ruined in the year I went off the pill. Diet be damned. I struggled with painful cystic acne, whiteheads and blackheads and so much texture that I didn’t want to leave my house. And while it’s not perfect yet – the pill has improved my skin within two months. I’m on the road to getting that no-makeup skin, y’all.

Pain and PMS symptoms

So aside from the irregular period symptoms I would experience over the year I went off the pill, my period sucked. Like the nausea, cramps and ovulation pains would wake me up in the middle of night. I know how to handle pain, folks. I have around 20 to 25 hours of tattoo time on my body. I’ve pierced both my nipples, my nose and my lip. But ovulation pain is actually a demon sent from the depths of hell to finish me off. I’ve woken up and thought “oh well, friends, guess I’m dying”. Thankfully a combo of the pill and painkillers have really helped over the last three months.

Will this be short-lived?

This is not the first time I’ve gone back onto the pill. Right now, I’m on a more expensive version to help clear up my skin. It’s really helped a ton with my overall symptoms – but I recognise that so many people a) can’t afford a pricier option and b) still experience a dip to their overall mental health regardless of what contraceptive they take.

I just thought I’d mention how much it’s alleviated some serious health issues of mine and that it might work for you.

Let me know what you think? I hope this was helpful!

x A

One thought on “Why I went back on the pill

  1. Gworl, same.

    When I eventually changed pills, my doctor told me how the government-issue one, because it’s being used in a general way on reproductive systems (which all operate differently), it’s really loaded up with all the hormones so that it can be as versatile as possible and help as many people as possible. Which makes it a bit of a tricky scenario when you’re wanting to go on the pill and your focal point for it is not necessarily contraception, but period management or skincare assistance etc.

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