Gin tastings in Cape Town

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written any new content and I can explain. About two months ago, I started a short social media course (a 3 hour lecture once a week) and my life just got very busy, real quick. There’s more to be said, but I’ll chat about that in another post.

Anyways, it’s pretty well-known that I love a good gin (and tonic, but only sometimes). I’ve been drinking gin since my days slinging very cheap whiskey to drunken students (about 6 years ago). So when I moved to Cape Town, a craft gin hub, I had a plethora of local distilleries to choose from. I’ve put together a list of gin tastings to try in Cape Town.

Disclaimer: these are just ones I’ve tried and want to try – not a definitive list or directory.

Hope on Hopkins Distillery

Located in the heart of Salt River and amidst the bustle of the industrial area – Hope on Hopkins is touted as the Mother City’s first artisanal distillery. The Tasting Room has a simple, minimal layout, but it’s perfect for group tastings (both intimate and big). I’ve been to the tastings more than once and the entire experience is perfect with friends. If you’re serious about tasting new gins (and other spirits) or just want a good time, I highly recommend trying them out. Do note, the Tasting Room is only open on Saturdays and booking is recommended to secure a spot.
7 Hopkins Street, Salt River | (021) 447 1950 |

Woodstock Gin Company

The Woodstock Gin Company is located in you guessed it, Woodstock, and you’ll find it right next to the Old Biscuit Mill. I’ve bought a few variants of the WGC gin and really enjoyed, so naturally, I wanted to try out a tasting. The space is quite small from what we saw and booking is recommended. I had booked a table (but no one really seemed to know that when I arrived). I had a good time, but that was because of the people I was with.

399 Albert Road, Woodstock |(021) 447 0712|

Pienaar & Son Distillery

A distillery located in the Cape Town city centre that’s run by a father/son duo, Pienaar & Son has some very striking (yet minimal) packaging. And I’m a sucker for a well-packaged bottle, folks. I’m aiming to go to a tasting this year. The best part? Tastings are FREE and don’t require a booking. If you’ve already tried this gin out and want to buy some for friends or family – visit their official online store or check out a stockist near you.

1 Roeland Terrace, Cape Town| (021) 461 4993

Inverroche Gin Distillery

One of the most popular craft gin brands around (and now available in over 10 countries worldwide) Inverroche is a popular choice amongst gin lovers in the city. If you’re heading out to Still Bay, you can pop into the distillery and experience one of three offerings. Eager gin lovers can enjoy a tour of the facilities, have a fancy tasting or actually attend Gin School. I’ve yet to visit but it’s something I’d love to do. Do note, booking is essential and prices are subject to change.

(028) 754 2442 |  

Hope this was helpful!

x A

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