Local tea and coffee brands to check out

Welcome to the third and final part of the gifting series! If you’ve not been following my quick guides to find locally made presents, you can check out part one and two here. This time around, we’re looking at some local tea (and coffee) brands for the loved one who loves to indulge in a cup of something warm.

Lady Bonin’s Tea

Located in Cape Town’s city centre, Lady Bonin has been creating premium bespoke tea since 2010. The brand prides itself on being an ethically sourced tea company with beautiful packaging (low-waste too!). Choose between the rooibos and matcha blends or buy a speciality box for a friend. Check out the site for more information – they have an online store and their products are also available from Faithful to Nature.

The teas and herbals are sourced locally and internationally from small-scale, social and environmentally driven farms that are organic wherever possible, and that go beyond organic into Wild and Biodiverse. 

Lady Bonin’s Tea

Sunbird Rooibos Tea

Founded in 2016, Sunbird Rooibos is the first tea company in the world to offer organically grown rooibos tea from single-origin sources, according to the official website. If you’re trying to support sustainable and ethically minded brand, this is ideal for friends and loved ones who share the same sentiments. Sunbird prides itself on creating caffeine-free tea blends, which you can purchase from the official online store.

Sustainability is close to our hearts. All our producers are certified organic or practice natural growing methods. We also encourage customers to buy refill packs instead of a second tin. Our loose-leaf pouches are resealable – for freshness and for another purpose when finished.

Sunbird Rooibos Tea

Bean There Coffee Company

A pioneer in the coffee industry, Bean There is South Africa’s first roaster of certified Fairtrade beans. The city centre-based coffee shop is a firm favourite with Cape Town folks and is close to the popular Honest Chocolate. If you’re interested in getting coffee-making tools, trying different blends or just a cup on the way to work, either check out the Wale Street branch or check out the online store.

Direct fair trade means producers receive a fair payment for their coffee through equal engagement, regardless of market fluctuations, which ensures community development, empowerment, and sustainability.

Bean There Coffee Company

Sihle’s Brew

Founded in 2016, this Johannesburg-based brand got a lot of traction in local news. Why you may ask? Well, Sihle’s Brew is the the first fully black- owned coffee brand (and they branched into a coffee shop!). If you’re in the Randburg area, you can pick up a bag of beans from the shop. Not living in Johannesburg? Sihle’s Brew is also available at major retailers like Food Lover’s Market. For more information, visit the online store and get yours!

After a decade, Sihle was inspired to strike out and launch his own brand. He still provides training at coffee shops and restaurants as part of his comprehensive package, and he continues to grow and develop the Sihle’s Brew brand.

Sihle’s Brew

I hope this was helpful!

x A

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