Local candle companies to check out

Welcome to the gifting series! This is part one of three blogs about things I’ve found and love. I also think these picks would be the perfect present for a loved one. If you don’t know by now, I take my birthday very seriously (it’s only in August, but I’ve already planned my 28th.). Anyways, it’s no secret that I love candles. I’ve tweeted about it. I have about three in my room at all times. There comes a certain point in your post-25 life where spending R350+ on a candle makes sense.

So here’s a selection of local companies I’ve got on my radar.

Studio Melissa Louise

Studio Melissa Louise is a multi-disciplinary brand that offers interior design, styling & photography (and more) so it makes sense that they’ve branched into making candles. I’ve seen ML candles at curated design shops before and the vegan soy-based candles have a pretty clean design and smell great. You can pick between five scents: ylang ylang, rose, peppermint, lemongrass and sweet orange. Check out the online store here.

Studio Melissa Louise candles are made from pure soy wax – infused with 100% organic essential oils.

Melissa Louise

Madame Luna

Located in Cape Town, Madame Luna has a variety of candles and other homeware goods on their site. Choose between their soy-based massage candles or porcelain votives, depending on what you enjoy. Check out the online shop for more or check if there are stockists in your area.

Our exquisite scents and candles are conceived at our candle factory in Woodstock, Cape Town, where our local specialized candle pourers hand-pour each and every one of our distinctly fragranced candles and diffusers for your pleasure.

Madame Luna

wass + Dayfeels

If you’re in Cape Town, you might have seen wass at Neighbourgoods Market. They have a selection of clean beauty products from lipbalms to treatment oils on offer along with a sustainable clothing range. And if you happen to visit the online store, there’s a collaboration involving a wass soy candle and a ceramic vessel made by Dayfeels. (it might be a limited edition collaboration, though)

Wass has been inspired by the seasons, Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring. Enhancing your skin and mind’s natural state with the purity of natural essential oils and staying grounded in the present through hectic and rushed days.


Earthbound Travellers

A relatively new brand, Earthbound Travellers are passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly products for people who love to travel. Customers can choose from cotton bags, notebooks, body care and more. If you’re on the go often or have friends who don’t reside in South Africa, then these are ideal gifts that are easy to pack. Check out their online store for more.

We are conscious about nature and the environment around us, always trying to make our impact as less as possible. We design and manufacture locally in South Africa and support various organizations that are protecting nature.

Earthbound Travellers

Honourable mention: O’live Handmade Soaps

Another local brand based in Woodstock, Cape Town – O’live makes handmade soaps, facial products and body butter candles. You can check them out at the Oranjezicht Market, Faithful to Nature and their own online store.

Hope you enjoyed this and look out for part two soon!


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