7 inexpensive ways to treat yourself

It’s February, my dudes. I don’t know about you but January was a tough month and I had a ton of expenses pop-up. I had to pay for the domain for this blog (lol), along with a bunch of other stuff.

In conclusion, I am now broke and need some inexpensive ways to treat myself.

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I get a bit cranky when I can’t spend a bit of time spoiling myself. I thought I would compile a list of things I’ll be doing throughout this month, because brokiana.

Change up your room space

The quickest way to update your room is by changing your duvet cover. The bed takes up a lot of space (physically and visually), so you can easily add new interior/design elements, just by adding a new cover. Move around some furniture, buy a plant or two and add a small candle if you can afford it. And, obviously, change your sheets regularly anyways (!!).

Buying an inexpensive beauty product

Buying a new beauty product that you want to try out really is a mood-lifter. Now, I’m not trying to advocate that you have to spend a ton of money to feel better or “spoilt”. If you’re hard up for cash, I think you tend to feel way more grateful for something small that makes your day. This could be a new eyeliner, sheetmask or hair-mask or whatever you like.

Creating a vision board

Who hasn’t heard about vision boards in the last while? I have an A4 book that I use to do just that. Don’t feel like cutting out images? You don’t need a physical board either, hop over to Pinterest or simply keep a folder on your phone. It’s all about the intention behind what you want, not the form it’s kept in.
Take some time to think about what you want to manifest, put it together, believe in it and do the work.

Making a good cup of coffee/tea

I feel rich (cue Cardi’s Money) when I can get nice cup of coffee or tea. Grab some instant latte sachets at the supermarket (R6 a pop) or go to your local coffee shop for your favourite drinks. These days, I get a takeaway coffee once a week when I go into the office and stick to making instant lattes at home.

Take some time off

*Insert some quote about how time is our greatest luxury*

I know it seems simple enough, but think about the last time you just did nothing? We’re so connected that it’s nice to switch off periodically. Clear out some space in your calendar to do something that brings you joy, like reading a book, sleeping in or just cleaning out your wardrobe.

Trying out simple DIY projects

I’m lazy, especially when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. I do simple ones that have a great impact. I’ve sown patches onto my bags and jackets. I’ve turned t-shirts into crop tops and cut off the hems of my jeans. The whole point is to feel like you did something, no matter how small.

See Jordan Clark’s video below for some more inspiration.

Make your favourite meal

Food is a love language for a good reason, folks. Now, I don’t mean heading over to Woolies and spending an exorbitant amount of money on groceries. Figure out what your favourite meal is and make it when you really need a pick-me-up. You’re worth it, for real.

Hope this is helpful! Thank you for all the wonderful positive feedback. It’s always appreciated.

x A

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