A year in review: Be gone, 2018

Like sands in the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. 

2018 is coming to an end and I, for one, am ready to see it go.

But in spite of all the upheaval that’s happened,  there’s been plenty of positivity over the last few months.  I mean, at least 60% was okay-ish. 

I started a new job and moved again, which really impacted my mental health in the best way. I learnt the importance of knowing when to let go. It’s so crucial knowing when to leave a situation and how to formulate an exit strategy. People tend to belittle millenials (ugh, vom) and younger generations for not working hard.  Except we know how to work hard BUT we’d also like to be treated well too. Human rights and basic decency, amirite?

 2018 has been so long, #long , long. *cue Mystikal’s Danger*

Being exposed to so much content, that it feels like time is moving at a breakneck pace but also…not?  For once, I have a lot of stability and my life isn’t spiraling the way it did earlier on in 2018. Friendships fizzled out and some were rekindled. I think it’s important to note how some things come to an end, no matter what you do. 

Earlier this year, I wrote up a set of goals for 2018 and I managed to tick two off the list. I bit the bullet and finally bought the heyalyx.com domain (yay!) which I had been putting it off for so long. It was an important step for me just because I was finally taking my own projects seriously. 

I had a new logo designed and changed up my layout (twice).  All this shit paid off eventually, as I hit 21 000 views on my blog and I’ve had over 9k visitors to this little site. I’m hella proud of consistently posting and coming up with new ideas to share and write about. 

I’ve spoken about how much I enjoy blogging and how I won’t give this up because it makes me happy. It’s something I do purely for myself, with no expectations and to create the content I don’t see or can’t find.  

Don’t worry, just create the stuff you like.

Adam J Kurtz

Despite having a tough year, I made a lot of things I liked. I played around with Canva, Unfold and Instagram stories as a form of creative expression. I followed a lot of creators who inspired me (like ol FurryLittlePeach below) and just used media to help me when shit got very real. I started listening to podcasts like the hilarious Thirst Aid Kit, the insightful The Ground Up Showand found out how much I like listening to people chat as a form of self care. Also shout-out to ASMR videos because wow, you helped me a lot this year.  

I started journalling regularly again (yay!).  I’m slowly finding the best way for me to document my life, schedule my work to-dos, social life and other projects which has been a blessing. Better late than never, no? 

Finally, I wanted to make a list of things that made me happy over the last 12 months. You tried to kill me, 2018, but you didn’t win. 

  1. Getting old film back
  2. Seeing Incubus live
  3. Laughing with my best friend via voicenotes, video calls and chats 
  4. Decluttering my wardrobe (like at least 10 times) 
  5. Going to my friends’ events (gigs, exhibitions, launches, etc) 
  6. Being awake when the Everything is Love album dropped, and watching the  APES*** video mere minutes after it released
  8. Spontaneous nights out with friends 
  9. Watching Black Panther at the cinema
  10. Sitting on my balcony with the perfect amount of sun, a summer breeze and some tea

Thank you to everyone who comments, reads and enjoys this blog. I’ve rediscovered how much I enjoy blogging and I’m glad you love it too.

To another year ahead and hopefully less bullshit. We deserve it. 

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