Where to get Korean skincare in South Africa

Updated December 2021

You may know nothing about K-pop, but chances are you’ve read about Korean skincare (K-beauty) in your favourite glossy or online magazine. It’s all over social media feeds right now and Youtubers keep reviewing K-beauty products along with their extensive skincare regimes. Every now and then, there’s another popular piece about “glass skin”  and how Koreans have that poreless, #flawless skin game down. 

Personally, I discovered K-beauty through Twitter mutuals and browsing Youtube. I didn’t really get the hype the whole 10-step routine at first, but then I attempted it with some products I could find here.  It didn’t work as well as I hoped and well, I’ve made many mistakes along the way to getting somewhat clear skin.

It used to be much harder to find K-beauty products in South Africa, but more local suppliers are recognising demand. Now, you can get your hands on the products you see some beauty gurus using on Youtube. I thought I would share some of the online stores that I’ve come across.

Glow Theory

Founded in 2017 by Tamsin van Tonder, Glow Theory is all about introducing K-beauty to local skincare lovers.  There’s a good selection of products, from beginner kits to chemical exfoliants and sunscreen. I’ve bought from them before, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Kyla. Products are separated by their particular function and what skin issue they target, which is super helpful. Whether you’re struggling with pigmentation/scarring or just have really dry skin, there should be something for you. Pro-tip: things sell out fast! Like really fast.

The downside is that you will wait for products to be restocked, but shipping is super fast (in my personal experience). If you have any comments or queries, just pop an email over to hello@glowtheory.co.za

This year, they opened a brick and mortar store in Johannesburg, if you’d prefer to shop in person.

My goal is to stock a wide range of the most highly rated Korean cosmetics available, at the most affordable prices in South Africa. I personally test everything myself, and am always trying out new and innovative products so that I can bring you the most current and effective products Korea has to offer.

Tamsin van Tonder, Glow Theory 


Another brand I found though Instagram when a friend shared her online purchases, Oh My Gloe is a k-beauty online shop that aims to stock mindfully curated k-beauty brands. The store sells cruelty-free skincare only and has free shipping for orders over R750. The selection of products range from cleansers to mists and sunscreens. Another nice touch are the curated OMG! sets, perfect for a beginner k-beauty user or someone who has their skincare regime downto a fine art.

If you’re looking for gifting ideas, get the skincare enthusiast in your life a gift card so they can shop to their heart’s content.

If you need help trying to pick the right products to suit your skin type, do not hesitate to contact us on help@ohmygloe.com.

Hope this was helpful! Please let me know if you’ve found any other online stores?

x A

5 thoughts on “Where to get Korean skincare in South Africa

  1. Luxe Loft has an amazing offering of Korean Beauty and Skincare. Give them a follow snd try some of the amazing products and brands.

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