Why I’m still blogging

“Who the hell still reads blog content in 2018?”

I’ve seen many people talk about this on my timeline and in my friend group.  The numbers have dropped on my own platform and while it can be disheartening, shit happens. Content is constantly changing and people are pivoting to Youtube, Instagram and other platforms.

It’s so hard to “keep up” so I stopped.

I make the content I want, when I want to.  If I can’t find it, then it’s up to me to create it. I don’t blog for anyone else but myself and whoever likes it, fine. Eliminating that pressure is essential. It’s great to a) know your strengths and b) explore other things that might make you happy.

I personally love reading long-form content by friends, especially in blog format. There’s something about reading a piece that feels like someone is talking just to you. Now that I’m older, I keep up with my friends through reading blogs, watching IG stories and regular video chats. We’re all over the world, navigating time zones, new cities and adulthood in our own ways.

In a professional scope, I don’t use my blog to promote anything and I’m not an #influencer by any means. I think in a time where anyone is willing to try and sell you a product, there’s a serious lack of authenticity. We’re bombarded with hair gummy ads, tummy teas and promo codes. There’s something about good writing with no agenda.

(Disclaimer: no hard feelings to anyone getting their coins, please go right ahead.) 

I’ve been documenting my life and other shit from 2012 up until now.  It’s one of the few consistent things in my life. My style has changed, I’ve moved cities and my values have shifted a lot. But I’ll never tire of writing about what I love and putting it into the universe.

One of my greatest fears was that my creativity would cease to exist one day. I envisioned a well that eventually ran dry and I’d be left with nothing. Now that I’m older I realise that could never not once happen. Trying something new? That’s creativity.  Trying to navigate life itself requires some form of creative thought. You’re using it every damn day if you take a closer look.

Anyways, I’ll probably never stop blogging. Even if it’s just to document my own life so I can see how far I come. I hope you don’t either.

A huge shout-out to all the people who email, like and comment on my work. I often exist in my own bubble but it’s so nice to know other people appreciate it.

If you’d like to support other creatives or content creators, share their content, comment and leave reviews. All of this costs nothing and is relatively simple to do. And tell them how much you love their work, it’s not silly. Ever.

Thank you for reading.






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