Updated skincare finds: products I’m trying out

It’s August and the journey to somewhat clear skin continues. Welcome to part 3 of this ongoing series.

As you know, I’ve got off the pill and was worried about a plethora of things, especially my skin barrier. I’ve got an update about that coming up soon, once I’ve passed the three month mark.

Anyways, I’ve found some more products that I’m trying out to ease the whole acne situation.


Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Scrub

I’ve really been loving the Eucerin range, tbh. Earlier this year, I started using the gel cleanser, which has salicylic acid and is quite gentle on my skin. The scrub smells pretty great, foams up easily and it’s a nice step to add to my skincare routine. It’s also a cheaper alternative to the Dermalogica exfoliant. I got this on special at Dischem but I’ve also seen this range at Clicks.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser

I’ve been trying to find a gentle cleanser to remove my makeup after a long day. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost range has been so nice to use since I’ve tried out the water gel and the daily moisturiser with SPF. I’ve added the gel cleanser to my double cleanse routine and it honestly feels so refreshing on my skin. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can get it from Clicks or Dischem.

Soil Rosehip Seed Oil

If you haven’t been around this blog before, you might not know that my skin is hella prone to discolouration and scarring. I’ve also tried a lot of different oils for my skin, from tea tree to almond. I’d heard via friends that rosehip seed oil was a good addition to a moisturising routine. My therapist (when I could still afford a monthly facial lol), told me my skin was dehydrated af. So, I’ve been trying to amp up the moisture. According to sources, rosehip oil is packed with vitamin A and C which always a treat for blemished/scarred skin. I got mine from Wellness Warehouse but you can also try Faithful to Nature.

Hope this helps and feel free to share your own new product try-outs too.


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