Updated skincare finds

It’s 2018 and I still don’t have magically clear skin. Wow, a sham.


Earlier this year, I wrote about using cruelty-free skincare and while I succeeded in finding many options, some of those didn’t actually work for me. The apple cider vinegar toner? It’s a wrap. I realised some of the products worked better on my body than my face.

So since this is a long-term journey, I’ve come across some products that actually seem to be helping me now. You have to trial and error a variety of things before you find a good skincare routine. I’ve also made some dietary changes because that has a huge impact on your skin and overall health. I’m planning on going off the pill, so I need to get my skincare/diet/exercise routine in order.

Here’s what I’m currently using.

Eucerin Oil Control Cleansing Gel

This is the latest addition to my arsenal, since a few mutuals told me about the product range. My mom also bought the pigmentation range to try out and it’s been working well for her. I’ve needed a new cleanser, since my other cream one ran out and this was relatively the same price range.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cityshield and Gel

My therapist told me that my skin is prone to being dehydrated (and that explains my oiliness) so I’ve been looking for more hydrating products. This product sinks into my skin, smells nice and has SPF25. I’m prone to pigmentation so I’m trying to prevent any more blemishes. I also picked up the Hydro Boost gel for my night routine because I’m trying to look as hydrated as possible thank you.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

No, I’m not rolling in Dermalogica money. But I wish I was, because this stuff really works. I prefer powder/granular exfoliators, that require water to create a paste to apply to the skin. This product leaves my skin super soft but not overly exfoliated. I’ve used a wide variety of exfoliators and this one is my favourite. Pro-tip, the travel size option is a lot cheaper and lasts for a while.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Update: apple cider vinegar toner is not for me. I’ve used Garnier’s micellar water before and it worked, so I’m back at it again. This product doesn’t irritate my eyes, gets the dirt off and I’ve noticed a change in the overall texture of my skin.

Lush Eau de Roma Toner

I honestly use this as an extra step after toning, because it definitely soothes my skin and smells nice. I never really gravitated towards Lush skincare products, but I enjoy using this one.

Sometimes all the effort you put into your skin can feel useless or you’re thrown off course by a new breakout. However, I recently looked back at old photos, when my skin at it’s worst and there’s been a huge improvement. I only actively started taking care of it in 2015 and I can clearly see how it’s paid off, even if a recent breakout or scarring makes me feel low.


2018 is all about discipline for me and sticking to a skincare routine (along withe exercise/vitamins/diet) is my self-care.

Will this work out? Find out on the next episode of Skin Issues…


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