A word for 2018

I don’t usually have a yearly theme or whatever. I’m usually trying to make it through another 12 months and not have a meltdown. But this time, I took a leaf out of @SugaryOblivion’s book and I thought about what I really want from 2018.

And then one word came to mind: self-discipline.

From a six month shopping fast, giving up fast food to setting up my emergency fund, I’m all about putting my mind towards certain goals and achieving them in 2018.

I’m trying to reset some shitty habits that I’ve picked up along the way. I’m learning that it’s about preparation, planning and resisting the urge to sabotage yourself.

I’ve had a tendency to put off projects because I’m lazy or just “wasn’t in the mood” and quite frankly, if I’m going to wait for the “right time”, I’m going to wait forever.


I’ve also been more open to trying new tools to help stay on track. I recently downloaded an app to help me out but I ended up getting annoyed by all the push notifications.

If you need any help with how to plan and organise your life, have a look at this informative video by Lavendaire. She’s a really great resource for planning, organisation and intentional living.

Also, wish me luck!

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