Hello 2018

So, 2017.

What an asshole year. I really wasn’t sad to see it go.


I took a little break from my social media (mainly just Twitter, tbh) and tried to spend that time on other things. I drew up a list of smaller goals I wanted to stick to, like staying away from fast food and making a Soundcloud playlist for fun. Ultimately, I wanted to reset some bad habits.

I’m not in any high hopes of 2018 being wildly amazing, but I do know I’m in an “Oh, well – might as well try it.” mood.


So I don’t have a rigid list of 2018 resolutions, but I do have habits I’ve been implementing and preparing for:

Shopping fast 2k18

I have a mild shopping issue. I love online shopping, thrifting and getting new lewks. But I’m trying to be a more conscious consumer and pinpoint what triggers/behaviour lead me to impulsive shopping. So I’m embarking on a shopping fast. Basically that means I’m not buying clothes, shoes or anything unnecessary for around 6 months.

It’s something that I’ve tried before and failed at because I wasn’t prepared. This time around, I’ve unsubscribed from newsletters and made sure that I have everything I need. I also intend to buy from locally made clothing brands in the future, if I do part with my money. Wish me luck!

Setting up a savings account

Along with the shopping issue, I have been terrible with money for over a year. Like wow, I need to do better. I have set up an emergency fund for myself and want to contribute to it for this year. Getting older means saving money and being a bit more responsible with my cash. I don’t have kids or a partner and while I’m a single Pringle, I need to make sure I’m taking care of my future properly.

Doing more fun shit

I’ve become a really boring person, shame.  I get it, we get older and comfortable in our routines. I love having a set schedule, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t balance it out with actual fun activities. I finally made a playlist on Soundcloud and starting going out with friends more often. I just needed to remember how much I love being a social person and being around my friends again.

Check out one of my playlists here:

Starting to learn more about low waste lifestyles

I’ve been writing about minimalism for a bit now and I’m moving towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Now, recycling is great, but it does help to not create that much waste in the first place. I don’t ever want to be preachy about a lifestyle, but if you can change up certain aspects of your consumption – you’ve already won.

Sidenote: this idea that minimalism is a concept fronted by white men when the global majority (aka black/brown people) been living with less for year is WILD. Anyways.

Shout out to all the people who actually read my blog. I really just blog for myself and use this as a space to put my thoughts out there. Thank you for reading, supporting and being kind to little ol’ me. I appreciate it, so much.


– A

5 thoughts on “Hello 2018

  1. Hey Alyx. Nice post. I set structures around my consumer lifestyle, and I am proud to say that I have only made ONE clothing purchase in a year, better yet it was less than R500. So yeah, it isn’t that difficult. But it’s tricky. Consumerism is a mind-game anyway. You can do this.

    But also, how do you stick to blogging? That being one of my resolutions, I don’t know how to commit to.

    1. You only bought one thing last year? Teach meeeee. I’m pretty shitty with impulse buying so trying to retrain my habits. Blogging does actually require a schedule or at least a list of ideas. I write down about ten or so to choose from to start off with. I then add to it whenever I want to. I’m planning to do weekly blogs or at least 3 times a month. So ja, planning is required (along with interesting blog content that you enjoy writing) 🙂

      1. Start of buying watching documentaries on the dark side of consumerism. That should help with the impulse.

        I got it. I have flash ideas. The come and go every time. So I think I just have to journal / memo the ideas.

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