Lifestyle changes, babes

So I’ve been on a bit of a content creating break. I like having regular updates but time ran away with me after my birthday.

26 is a whole ‘nother feeling.

I’ve also been more focused on my lifestyle changes and just trying to implement some cool things into my everyday life.

I’ve written about minimalism before here and while it’s great to declutter I realised I needed to apply this to multiple aspects of my life. I can’t get rid of clutter but still spend money recklessly. I was giving away things but still consuming wildly.

I can’t expect people to understand my lifestyle but shame others for living how they want to. The face of minimalism is usually some white dude, so I can see why people think it’s a bougie concept.

However, I think the global majority has been “living mindfully” for a lot longer. Anyways, back to the topic. So, what have I been doing in the last while?

Shopping less

I haven’t embarked on a shopping fast just yet, but I have limited my purchases. I used to own 8 black dresses but hardly wore them out. My style changed up a bit and my body followed suit with the weight gain. If I do shop, I try to support local thrift collectives, host swaps with my friends or buy ethically made pieces.

Creating less waste

If you’re on Pinterest and have an interest in minimalism, you’ll soon see more content about the zero waste movement pop up on your feed. I had the opportunity to learn more about #PlasticFreeJuly. I was a bit skeptical about the idea at first, because a lot of “movements” seem to casually forget that not everyone has access to the same resources.


But I soon learn a lot more about a) plastic and how it’s f*cking up our planet, b) how to find alternatives to it and c) that I need to be more aware of what I consume. If you want to know more about plastic-free alternatives, read this cool piece by the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Finding inspiration

It’s part of my job to consume/create content and thus, I’ve found some really cool content creators to follow.

I love Lavendaire’s calming voice and watching her videos about mindfulness, productivity and how to create mood boards. She also has a podcast, if you’re that way inclined.

Are you into bullet journals? I love watching Amanda Rach Lee‘s bujo set-ups. They’re hella creative and calming.

I like listening to podcasts and recently stumbled on My Favourite Murder. The main theme of the show is discussing true crime, which is hella dark but I love the dynamic between the two hosts. It’s funny and somewhat terrifying. Delightful.

And finally, I enjoy watching Shaan D’Anthes paint/design/art her little heart out.

I’m back to writing blogs regularly for the five (5) people who still read this ol’ thing. I’m currently working on an exciting personal project (hopefully up and running by year end). It has yet to have a name though, so wow I need to get back to working on it.

And mainly, all I want to do for the rest of 2017 and beyond is reclaim my damn time.




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