Almost 26

I turn 26 in a few days and it’s no secret that I love birthdays.

I love ‘em. I love celebrating being alive and making new memories. It’s cheesy but whatever.


It’s a time for reflection but mainly I enjoy having a *wild* time with my friends.

I’ve also learnt some vital things over the last two years or so since entering the mid-twenties (ish) stage of my life.

I’ve started to trust my gut instinct about anyone I come into contact with and stopped overextending myself to people who don’t reciprocate.

giphy (2)

I’ve let go of this immense pressure to be someone/make something of myself.

My peers are pretty incredible and do wonderful things. They’re out here winning awards, being featured all over and slaying the game.

It was hard to not compare myself to all these achievements. Would I ever produce something worthwhile?

But I’ve had some out-of-this-world opportunities. I’ve been in a magazine, appeared on national TV and had a radio interview or two. Things I could barely dream about growing up in the Bay. And the nicest feeling is knowing some people back home see my success and love it.

source (1)

And I am a success. I went from a class of 40 grade 8 students to 24 matric students and how many of us actually were able to attend university?

I try not to forget where the hell I’ve come from.

But I’ve also learnt the value of failure. I’ve failed courses, subjects and felt like a major failure in a previous job of mine. I used to be so shook at accepting defeat and now I bounce back without too much fuss.

giphy (4)

I’ve dropped out of uni, went back and got accepted. I failed on the way to my degree, but I got that too. And that’s the part that so many other relate to. I’m the first to mention that I have SUCKED at things and how reality slapped me into shape.

I have been consistent with my work and endeavours these past few years, something that I’m proud of. I’ve made new friends and some friendships have just ended quietly. I’m learning to be honest with myself about my shitty behaviour in relationships/friendships.

giphy (5)

In turn, I’ve changed my goals. I want a tiny home (look up the tiny house movement), I want to be more sustainable and I want to live simply. I’m super into learning about the low waste movement and being an eco-conscious aunty in the near future.

I don’t have hella awards. I’m not married with two kids like 15 year old me thought I would be (lol).

giphy (6)

I pride myself on having a great sleep cycle, I take care of my skin and my life is authentic as fuck.

I’m beyond grateful for my mental and physical health, I don’t overexert myself anymore and I’m a pretty positive gal.

And it’s taken until 26 to realise that it’s worth more than anything I’d thought I’d need.

Issa celebration!

giphy (8)


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