A bit of a mid-year slump

I entered 2017 with high hopes. 2016 was a hurricane of feelings and left nothing but destruction in its path. After all, it couldn’t get worse right?


Well, somewhat. I started a new job, moved into a bigger flat with my mom and started planning a long overdue project of mine. I also had to deal with a relationship ending along with a random man harassing my mom and I. That’s a bare bones summary of what’s been going on but ja. Overall, it’s been a lot and I’ve felt the effects of the last few months eventually take a toll on my psyche. The positives outweigh the negative issues but I’m also tired, hey? 

giphy (1)

I knew it when I spent one weekend barely leaving my room, let alone the flat.

So I’m taking a bit of a social break. Twitter is a great space, sometimes. It can be a tool of alleviation and makes me laugh so hard I cry. But sometimes it’s just one big emotional drain on my senses.

At my new job, I don’t really need to be as plugged in as I was before in my previous position. So I’m deactivating my account for a short bit. 

This meh feeling kinda extended to my style too. I’ve been in the midst of an ongoing declutter for the last two years or so, but I’ve held onto some pieces for no good reason.

I thrift a lot and while my vintage finds were A1, some of them no longer fit. I don’t really believe in keeping “someday” clothes because those pieces don’t make me feel good now. 

The present is what matters. So in the midst of the movie that is currently my life right now – I went on a midnight wardrobe cleanse.


I definitely feel like around 25 is when you start caring more about what you wear. You also have the funds to kinda put together what you like now too (somewhat).

I’ve played around with different versions of Alyx: grungy EDM, poor student, bootleg jeans wearing, wannabe Ke$ha me.

giphy (2)

And mostly, I want to feel like I’ve regained some of my vigour back. Mid-year slump be damned.

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