It’s a pindemic!

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know there are few things I love more than gin, thrifting, tattoos and enamel pins.

Yes, pins.

Do you remember the original Steers Brat Pack, from way back in the late 90s and early 2000s?


At some point, you got a free Tom and Jerry pin if you bought a kiddies meal. And thus, my fascination began. I am a bit of a collector. I have a weird tiny clog collection. I like creepy dolls and clowns. I am also partial to disco balls. So it’s kinda my thing now.

Sadly, a lot of really great pins are made overseas. International shipping can get a bit pricey so I don’t really buy as many as I’d like to.

But most importantly, the pin community is incredible. You can find anything you desire, really. Born from the internet, specifically shared across social media and spread across the globe, the #pingame is very strong. As  W Magazine quotes in their article, ‘These small artists started doing unique, interesting, artsy sort of pins for the fun of it, and people just started liking it.’

It’s literally made for millenials. You can pick out your kind of pin aesthetic or theme: from hip-hop icons, to pop culture faves, the cult movies you can quote word for word and punchy feminist slogans.



Can you see why I’m obsessed? My IG feed is filled with new pin drops – it’s sucked me in.

So I put together a few of my faves.

Ghost Goods

One of the first local designers I supported, Nicole continues to create fun, sassy and interesting designs (and patches) for your collection.

Frolik Studio

Another Cape Town designer based in Hout Bay, I love the pin set I bought (pictured below). I stumbled upon her account through Ghost Goods. That’s one thing about the pin community, there’s definitely mutual respect and cool collaborations with fellow creatives.

Pin Jong Ill 

An Australian brand that often pairs up with other designers. Focuses on creating pins with a hip-hop/pop culture influence. Get your Gucci flip flops, Prince or Bombay Gin pin here.

Strange Women Society

Based in the States, this pin company sells both apparel and pins. I ordered the Magic Babe one a while back – so perf.

Ahoy Kollectiv

A Berlin-based brand that sells pins, totes and makes t-shirts. I happened to see this on my feed and had to have it!

Punky Pins 

A UK brand with a plethora of pins. You can find feminist related content, pop culture references and cool collabs.

So even if collecting pins don’t really seem interesting to you, it’s definitely fascination to observe this online community.

I’ve experienced such incredible customer service from indie designers and that’s why I’ll continue to support them. Pins are often made to raise money for #BlackLivesMatter, Planned Parenthood and trans* youth organisations. You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve if you want to. I do.

Happy pinning!


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