Being accountable

I’ve written about how horrid last year was and how it really tested the limits of so many people I know. Currently,  I’m still on a relatively joyous new year high. It’s the first time I’ve felt so good about a fresh start in a long time

Do I have a set of resolutions? Yes, but it’s more about making a small set of changes in my life. And hopefully not procrastinate while doing so.


I get overwhelmed with the idea of taking on big projects without some sort of prep so why not apply that to my life?

I want to get my license, finally. I’ve never really had the cash to do so until recently and I’d be the only one in my house who has one if I did.


I want to get my passport sorted out so I can go and visit my best friend in Hong Kong. It’ll be my first international trip because I’ve definitely never been able to afford a trip overseas. And it’s only happening as I’ll be getting some help along the way. But I deserve it, I’ve worked hard and I want to explore some parts of the world.

I also want to start living a bit more simply. I’m trying to not buy any new clothes or shoes this year, because impulsive shopping is a bad habit. Replacing how I feel with new items or food isn’t going to change the cycle or make me feel any better in the long term.

I want to start changing my fitness routine, one at a time. I fell off a lot in 2016 and honestly, I’m paying for a gym membership I’ve hardly used. I’d like to swim more, use the remainder of my contract and get fit on my own terms.

Last year I started taking care of my skin and this year I want to add dental care to my list.

Most importantly, I’d like to be less harsh on myself and the choices I make. I accomplished a lot that I can be proud of in 2016 but because I tend to always focus on “the next thing” in my life, I don’t take stock and celebrate.

In 2017, I just want to have more it is to have inspiring, supportive and motivating energy around you. And not inviting the kind of energy/people/situations that drain the shit out of you. It’s so possible to get caught up in things that don’t matter at the end of the day. When I’m stressed out or feeling low, it’s been very easy to slip into being negative to those around me.

Perspective is key and I usually get some clarity from talking to my peers about my issues or concerns. I also have a tendency to help people who take advantage of my kindness and willingness to support them. It doesn’t mean I want to stop that, but I’m taking care of the people who take care of me. Klaar.

And finally, I want to breathe easier and feel calmer this year.Hold myself accountable to the things I need to do to take care of myself. No matter what it takes.


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