Sayonara, 2016

I remember lamenting round about this time how hectic 2015 was and how 2016 was going to be “my year”

Right, then.


I did have high hopes for 2016 and for the most part, some really great things peeked out of the bullshit. But I’ve also experienced some of the lowest points in my life while navigating these last twelve months.


I think lessons come in all forms but this year seemed quite brutal. Last year I was just trying to find my feet in the working world and a new city. I had a few plans for this year and some of them came true in ways I can’t believe. I said, “Oh fuck it, might as well” and some incredible opportunities showed up. I had a sneak peek feature in Marie Claire, said some cool stuff on a national TV show and sat in on some rad panels sharing my opinion. Bear in mind, where I come from this isn’t the norm at all. You might have a feature in The Son or maybe The Herald, but TV? I don’t think so.

Even better, I got to write some content about my hometown and so many young people resonated with it in ways I didn’t even think possible.

I got a promotion and have trained two young women (so far) which rad af. I’ve ticked off some goals I never thought I could even have.


Most importantly, I learnt a lot about friendships this year. Surrounding yourself with friends who support you but never sugarcoat the truth will always be vital. I’ve also realised that some friendships will grow with you and some won’t – there’s nothing wrong with understanding that your paths no longer cross in the same ways they did before.


I’ve become less likely to go out this year, not because I don’t enjoy dancing or having a good time, but because club spaces are so intentionally violent. I’m definitely in the space to chill at home, have dinners with loved ones and go out when I need to support my friends. I’ve also made a point to celebrate my birthday lavishly now because honestly, why not?


I think the biggest thing I learnt was that you can plan meticulously and life will happen whether you like it or nah. In the midst of all these grand plans, the unexpected awaits. So in light of that important lesson, all I want for 2017 is peace and to feel safe. I’ll be moving around end Jan to a new space with my mom. A place with positive memories and the space we both need. I have a job I love (sometimes) and some cool ideas for the future. I don’t have any resolutions or goals beyond getting enough sleep and going to gym again.

Mostly, I just want to breathe easier in 2017 and beyond.


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