Social-ed out

“Your friend from where?”

“You know each other from what now?”

This seems to be the response from people who don’t use social media, specifically Twitter, often. They can’t grasp that you can make friends on the inner-net and it’s not weird at all. Growing up, I didn’t have regular internet access but when I did – it was like a whole new world opened up for me. I joined Twitter in 2010 for my Journ class and gave up because I didn’t “get it”


Fast forward to 2012 when I started using my Twitter account more often and I haven’t look back since. Add Instagram, Snapchat, etc and you get the gist of my online life.

I’ve met some incredible people through social media. It starts with a funny tweet and ends with a friendship.


These people often become an online and real-life support system when things get hectic on all fronts.

My online life has been a space for learning and challenging my views too. 2012 Alyx was a bit of a mess, and I’m grateful to have some people check me and help me learn.

I’ve absorbed so much more information about feminism, politics and general life hacks through social interaction. Whether it’s learning about gender identity or how to follow a twelve step skin care program (Korean beauty regime, hello)

Your twenties are intense – often friends fall by the wayside while you’re moving cities, building a career and your politics begin to shift. Friendships change and sometimes they don’t grow with you, it doesn’t make it any less special at the time. There have been days when people who have never met me, truly lifted my spirit up and kept me going for another day.

But all good things come with pros and cons.


I work in digital and thus, perusing social media is a part of my job.

It sounds fun but in reality it can get overwhelming real quick.


I’m at that point in my life where social media has helped me make friends, land some work and maybe score even some cool opportunities. 2016 has been a Hot Mess Express in so many ways – but it can be distressing to consume so many people’s thoughts/ideas on a daily basis.  Some difficult and triggering topics are discussed on social media – which is necessary – but it also takes a toll on one’s mental health.

Taking care of yourself is paramount, at least that’s what 2015/2016 taught me, and that’s what I try to prioritize.

Yes, you can curate your timeline but often it’s just a case of stepping back and analyzing what makes you feel angry, annoyed or stressed. And why?


I’m starting to realize that it’s all about things in moderation, spending days offline to just live and feel less wound up. I struggle to relax and sometimes I’d enjoy unwinding on the timeline, sharing my one-liners with the world. Now, I kind of want some balance between being online too much and not visiting at all. Lately, many of my friends have begun to swear off social media, because I think we’re a bit “social-ed out”.

I’m feeling that way in certain respects because there’s this constant access that comes with being online which is agitating. But I have the option to change that, however I want to.

I want some kind of peace in my life entering 2017. I want to focus on the projects I love and make rad shit with my friends. I can find that in the real world and #0nhere if I want to. But most of all,  I deserve harmony and tranquility (whatever that may be for me) in its entirety.

We all do.



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