So if you know me, I’m not the type of gal who loves the outdoors. The idea of roughing it in nature fills me with actual dread.

Why, you may ask? Oh, just various insects, no running water and sleeping bags are not my idea of a good time.


But last Wednesday, I got to stay at Africamps: Pat Busch Reserve. The campsites, if you really want to call them that, have wifi, air-con and an incredible view. Glamping is truly life-changing, of course, during this time I realised how unprepared I am for nature. I started sneezing as soon as we arrived, so that was lovely. But having champagne and dinner under the stars made up for that pretty quickly. Plus side I got to hang out with my colleagues – something I actually enjoy.


Boutique camping is pretty much camping without the added annoyances of insects, a sleeping bag and more. We were the first occupants of the tent we stayed in – and honestly it was a lovely experience, despite my sneezing. I’m all about taking breaks from the city with comforts, so truly Christmas came early for me. I’d do this with my friends (I was on a work trip)

One of the things I’ve realised this year, is that time in a quiet place with some friends is an excellent way to recharge and feel like a person again. I lowkey didn’t want to come home – but I’ll be back soonish.





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