Roadtrips & reunions

I went away (again) this past weekend. In July, I had asked three of my friends (who all went to Rhodes) if they’d be keen for a little reunion and a necessary break from the Mother City.

I love planning, in general, so this was a treat for me. My love language is acts of service, so doing cool things with (and for) the people I care about is such a fulfilling feeling. I actually enjoy making to-do lists, finding cool places in the city and organising trips with fun people.


So off we went to Stanford Hills Estate – a huge property about 145km away from Cape Town. I actually found it on after looking at a few options. While we may all be working gals, roadtrips can be pricey.  It’s so much cheaper to go away with a group of people because accommodation, petrol and food costs all add up.

This particular trip was planned over a couple of months to make sure everyone’s schedules synced and to really have something to look forward to.

Now, disclaimer. When I’m on holiday I have no desire to do things. I want to paint and read and nap and dawdle. I’m on lazy mode, it’s holiday time, babes! S/o to the 12pm tequilas I’ll never forget. But some people enjoy a bit of adventure – so the rest of the crew took a beach day excursion.


And what an incredible time it was. I really appreciate my friendships as I get older – especially with women I’ve known for years. There is a certain kind of calm that comes with being surrounded by kind, mature and compassionate women.

And most importantly, looking at the stars and experiencing a slice of country life was lovely. I’m already planning the next one.

2016 has the year of realising things – and I’d rather do that overlooking the mountains.





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