That spring feeling

It’s September and that means the flowers are blooming while the sun starts shining with a bit of warmth again. I often find myself at a loss around about this time of the year, though. I’ve usually slumped back into bad habits, be it a lack of exercise (hello gym that I haven’t seen in two months) or just not having any energy.

2016 has been a long year of realising thing: from dealing with horrible ex partners, to battling mental issues to simply finding your creativity dimming a bit. Thus, there’s a need to reboot or start doing the things that make you happy.

So in the midst of trying to kickstart that spring feeling – I’ve put together a list of suggestions that worked for me.

Plan a getaway:
Getting out of the city is always a bonus. I’ve been planning a mini getaway with three of my uni friends. And honestly, as it gets closer I can feel how much I need a trip out of Cape Town is. If you can’t afford an adventure beyond the borders of your city, then getting out of your current space is an option. Even going to your favourite bookstore, gallery or library is something different in itself, you know.


Get a new look:
The easiest way to feel like a new person, is to try out a new hairstyle, chop your hair off or start getting your nails done. Whenever I switch up my hairstyle, it’s a sign that I’m not who I was before. Perfect way to turn over a new leaf.

Explore other facets of your life:
Often creative people aren’t just limited to one form of artistry. You write for a living – go learn about planets or science-y things. You love dancing but never joined a class – do it! It’s just about moving beyond a comfort zone, so you’re not confining yourself to the same routine. You may find that it’s fun or completely not for you – but at least you tried.

Planning a new tattoo or piercing:
Sometimes I zone out and imagine what new piece I’d want on my body. I thoroughly enjoy researching new artists or themes I may want to add to my current stuff. I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to piercings though – the healing process is tricky and I’m an impatient person. But the process of coming up with an idea, figuring out placement, booking your spot and then finally getting it done is so rewarding


Scour the internets for new music:
All I can say is Thank God For Soundcloud – I find gems there every other day. Discovering new music and producers from all around the world is so satisfying. Music has the ability to completely shift your mood, inspire or even just be a melody to a not-so-nice situation. Do yourself a favour and curate your life’s soundtrack. You deserve it.

Revisit your favourite artists:
I usually like to flip through my Kat Von D books or read some Roald Dahl, and it never fails to remind me why I love their work. Usually you discover your favourite author, artist or musician at a very pivotal time in your life. Reading one of my favourite books (like Holly Black’s Tithe) just makes me nostalgic for when I was 16 and needed a fierce female character to guide me.



Start a Pinterest/Tumblr/VSCO account
I literally do not care how much Pinterest slander there is, I love that damn app. I enjoy curating things online and so soothing to scroll through and bookmark ideas. It’s how I put together looks for my wardrobe or my home. Starting out on a new social media platform may seem tedious but if you crave a bit of change then this may be the way to do it.

I’m in the midst of all these things – I hope you are too.



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