My (growing) tattoo collection

Updated: October 2018

So if you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you’ll know I’m a tad obsessed with body modifications.

I’ve even blogged about it here.

There’s something so calming about planning the art you’re going to get on your body.

I’d been fascinated with the concept of tattoos since I was about 16 but I had some terrible ideas back then. My advice? Just wait a bit before you get that image or quote on your body for life, it’ll probably age badly.

I got my first tattoo at age 19 by Baked Ink at the now closed Black Concepts in Port Elizabeth and haven’t looked back since.

My tattoo collection (in chronological order)

A T.S Eliot quote on my ribs from my favourite poem, East Coker

This remains one of my most memorable pieces because my late best friend was there when I got it done. I still love it almost a decade later, and I’ll probably never get rid of it.


Lyrics from the song Make Yourself

I used to get tattooed in very turbulent times in my life and this was done a mere three weeks after my friend died in a car crash.


The cherry blossoms on my inner left arm

This was drawn up by my best friend (who is an animator/illustrator) and refined by my artist.


Two thigh portraits

One of my godmother and the other is my mother. It isn’t really an ode more than a visual inspiration. I love Mexican art and grew up seeing a very tangible Mexican aesthetic like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.  I wouldn’t get the Dia De Los Muertes piece done now, but I was 21 at the time and didn’t know much about cultural appropriation.

An Invader Zim tattoo

Jhonen Vasquez’s cult classic cartoon originally aired on Nicklodeon from 2001 to 2002. It’s one of the things my best friend and I watched religiously, so I got it as a friendship tattoo.

Another Incubus lyric on the back of my left thigh

“And kiss your lovers lips
And know that fate is what we make of it”

from Agoraphobia, ( A Crow Left Of The Murder, 2004) 

An initial tattoo for a friend who died in 2015.

This was done at More Than Hype by Uncle Blvck

Another cherry blossom tattoo

Sakura represents a time of renewal and this tattoo is the inspiration for my logo. I’ve added some Lady Gaga lyrics to this and both were done by Lady Luck Tattoos.

I’m definitely planning a couple more – so you’ll just have to wait and see how my collection grows.


Thanks for reading!










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