Almost 25


Whether you believe in astrology or nah, I’m definitely a typical Leo. And thus, my birthday is celebrated over a whole month (in my eyes).

I also just think birthdays are a special time for renewal and starting new chapters. Since I’m not religious or particularly fond of Christmas, I celebrate my birthday hard.

Thus, I’m turning 25 in the next few days and I really liked the idea of reflecting on what I’ve managed to learn in the last two and half decades

  1. Coffee and gin are all I need to really be quite happy
  2. Learning to apologize is hard but it’s necessary to admit when you’re wrong
  3. Reflecting on your past behaviour is the best way to move forward
  4. Good friends are the family you choose, treat them like gold
  5. Man, fuck yo’ pride (really, don’t let your pride get in the way of amazing experiences)tumblr_nxeaa0q4ey1t5pbf0o1_500
  6. Try most things once, at least you’ll know what you don’t like.
  7. Some friendships are meant to last for a season, a reason or simply a lifetime.
  8. You can take the higher moral ground but sometimes people need to know they’re wrong
  9. The people who you meet at university shape your life in ways you may never comprehend
  10. Getting tattooed hurts, and yes people will ask you if it hurts for as long as you livetumblr_ng2vn3ib6z1tqyzp6o1_500
  11. Take as many photos of special moments as you can.
  12. Don’t forget to tell people how much you love them.
  13. Sometimes the best thing you can in a shitty situation is cry.
  14. Not everyone deserves your time, your love or your friendship.
  15. Naps/illicit substances and liquor are why people survive adulthood
  16. Trust your gut, it’s hardly ever wrong.tumblr_o790i3psll1rtfeimo1_500
  17. Express yourself in any way you see fit
  18. It’s pretty okay to not know where your life is going sometimes – we don’t all have it figured out
  19. Failing at something is necessary. It may be the catalyst you need to make a difficult or radical decision
  20. If you wait for the right time, you will literally wait forever
  21. Things will fall apart and so will you.tumblr_o2k4u4v3bp1s3nnbno1_500
  22. You don’t need to fix everyone.
  23. People will  sometimes try and take advantage of your kindness – that doesn’t mean you need to be an asshole to the rest of the world.
  24. You can balance work, play and lead a full life.
  25. Lil’ Kim is the queen. Dassit.


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